What’s on your DVR?

On Fridays I like to post about movies, but this week I’m curious about what everyone takes the time to record on tv.  And not just the shows you happen to catch either, I mean actually programming your DVR (or other recording device).

Jason and I have very little time to watch these days since Gage goes to bed around 8:45 and Jason has to take him to bed for 30 minutes.  So, some of these shows stay on the DVR for a very, very long time. Seriously, it’s embarrassing how long some of them have been there.  It’s fortunate that some of these have very short seasons.

Here are my guilty pleasures…the ones that take me away from books!

Reality shows…Project Runway, Top Chef and Survivor (I do love The Voice, but haven’t recorded it yet)

My favorite? Probably Project Runway.  Love Tim Gunn.

Comedies…Modern Family, 30 Rock, Psych and The Middle 

My favorite? I love Modern Family, but I love the dysfunctional Heck family a little more so I’m going with The Middle.

Dramas…House, The Mentalist, Castle, Parenthood, The Closer

My favorite? I’m going with the all-star cast of Parenthood.  I think it’s because it’s so different from anything else I watch.


I’m sad that House and The Closer will be ending this year, but really, it’s kind of nice to lighten the DVR load.

So, what shows do you tape and what are your favorites?  Is there something I really need to start watching?