A day with Gage

There is no typical day in the life of Gage, but Tuesday was close enough to most days that Gage decided to give you the play-by-play, with lots and lots of photos (I apologize if it takes too long to load).

7:40 am “Mom, I’m ready to get up.”

7:50 am.  “Please get me some oatmeal, Mom.”

8:15 am. “Woo Hoo. Play time!” (Do you like the child-prooofed fireplace? Cardboard, duct tape and outdoor seat cushions. Fancy)

9:30 am “I love see my friends at My Gym.  (We try to come three mornings a week for the 45 minute class/free-for-all)

10:30 am  Quick stop at Walgreens while Mom gets cat food, juice and Diet Coke

11:30 am.  We voted (and one of us ran around the church).

11:45 More play time!

12:00 Lunch 🙂  (bread, soy cheese, ground turkey breast, grapes)

12:30-2:30 Nap time.  Yes, I still need to sleep in bed with mom or dad (and sometimes grandma) or else no nap for me!

2:55 pm. After a quick snack of bananas, strawberries, apple and Special K it’s more play time.  This time I’ll stop long enough to read.

4:10 Bob, our tax guy is here to see what the damage is going to be to daddy’s wallet.

5:00 Time to get mail.

5:10 Time to run around the kitchen while mom chases/prepares my dinner for later)

6:15 pm Daddy’s Home!!

7-8:30 pm Dinner out with my friend, E-Chee-ou and his parents. (Obviously, this is not how his friend’s name is spelled, but that’s how we say it.  I know it starts with a y)

8:45 pm I know I’m a big boy now but I still like being held while I have bottle before bed.

9:10 Sleep