Best & Worst of Juliette Binoche

The beautiful French actress Juliette Binoche turns 48 today.  How is it that these actresses stay looking so young?  I LOVED her in the movie Chocolat (2000).  I loved Vianne’s spirit, her shop with delicious looking chocolate and her good taste in men (Johnny Depp never looked sexier).  I thought she was luminous and magical.  I HATED everything about The English Patient (1996) so I can’t really blame her completely, but I made myself and Jason suffer through the movie and I celebrated when it was finished.  I’m obviously in the minority here since she did take home an Oscar for Supporting Actress.

So, I’d like to take a poll – What’s your favorite and/or least favorite Juliette Binoche film?  Complete list here.


4 for Chocolat (Beth, Nise, Stephanie, Stacy)

(Yes, this idea probably came to me because of Alyce’s Best & Worst author series)