February Wrap Up and a Free Book

February was a slow reading month for me – I only finished 5 books and three of them were audio!  Thank goodness for listening time in the car.  This month I am offering one of you lucky readers a chance to win one of the books I reviewed, Half Full: Meditations on Hope, Optimism and the Things That Really Matter.  I liked this as a bright place to start my morning and will be sending off one brand new copy.  Just comment on my original post with your email and you’ll be entered.  If you’ve already commented just leave your email so I know you want to be entered.

So, the hard numbers on my daily goals are going to be brutal this month and you’ll find out why.  10,000 steps (18/28), 8 glasses of water (16/28), daily meditations (27/28), a note to Jason (9/20), One line mom diary (28/28).  I was under the weather for almost 3 weeks this month.  It was mostly sinus, but it refused to go away and I let some of these goals slide because just couldn’t make myself do it.  This also affected my secret goal for February…….I wanted to go vegetarian for the month.  I made it 9 days and when I just couldn’t shake my sickness I broke down and added meat back into my diet.  So, my last two goals were mixed- vegetarian (9/28) and a perfect month of letter writing (28/28)!  As you can see I viewed the 29th as a free day 🙂

What am I adding to my goals in March?  I am going to try to go vegetarian 2 days a week and see how that goes.  Until I have some good recipes and start planning better it will be hard to do more.  I am also setting the goal of 3 days a week of 30 minutes cardio.  Seems like so little, but I am trying carve out little bits of time for everything I want to do plus the stuff that is good for me 🙂 I’m already working on a vegetarian day today!

If you watch CNN or the like you will be sick of them talking about Ohio this week.  First, the horrible school shootings last week (the school is about 30 minutes from both Bonnie and me). And now those pesky Republican primaries.  I have never voted in a Republican primary, but they say it’s open this year so I may have to hold my judgement and vote for the candidate who least scares the crap out of me.

If you have any good vegetarian recipes to help me out I would love an email.  Keep in mind I will not let brocoli or mushrooms pass my lips and it would be an added bonus if they were dairy and peanut free so Gage could eat it too.  (do you see what a pain it is to cook meals around here?)