What’s on your DVR?

On Fridays I like to post about movies, but this week I’m curious about what everyone takes the time to record on tv.  And not just the shows you happen to catch either, I mean actually programming your DVR (or other recording device).

Jason and I have very little time to watch these days since Gage goes to bed around 8:45 and Jason has to take him to bed for 30 minutes.  So, some of these shows stay on the DVR for a very, very long time. Seriously, it’s embarrassing how long some of them have been there.  It’s fortunate that some of these have very short seasons.

Here are my guilty pleasures…the ones that take me away from books!

Reality shows…Project Runway, Top Chef and Survivor (I do love The Voice, but haven’t recorded it yet)

My favorite? Probably Project Runway.  Love Tim Gunn.

Comedies…Modern Family, 30 Rock, Psych and The Middle 

My favorite? I love Modern Family, but I love the dysfunctional Heck family a little more so I’m going with The Middle.

Dramas…House, The Mentalist, Castle, Parenthood, The Closer

My favorite? I’m going with the all-star cast of Parenthood.  I think it’s because it’s so different from anything else I watch.


I’m sad that House and The Closer will be ending this year, but really, it’s kind of nice to lighten the DVR load.

So, what shows do you tape and what are your favorites?  Is there something I really need to start watching?

32 thoughts on “What’s on your DVR?

  1. Nise' (Under the Boardwalk) says:

    We DVR everything because my husband goes to bed early in order to get up early. It makes for watching shows a pleasure ’cause we don’t watch commercials. We record a lot of the same shows. The only reality show I watch is The Voice. I agree, I will miss House and The Closer!

  2. Jo-Jo says:

    The question is what don’t I record??? lol

    Right now a few of my favorites that are programmed are Desperate Housewives, Army Wives, Parenthood, Mike and Molly, King of Queens…(reruns of course, but they are still fun to watch when nothing else is on!), Royal Pains, American Horror Story, Survivor, GCB (I know I’m naughty for this one, but it cracks me up!)and believe it or not…Days of our Lives!

  3. Kay says:

    Oh my. Do you really want to know all that I record? I love our DVR. Love it passionately and get all twitchy if I have to watch commercials. LOL

    I’m a crime show fanatic, so you can guess where my interests lie.

    All 3 CSI’s, both NCIS’s, Unforgettable, Alcatraz (jury is still out on that one), Grimm (like this one very much – interesting), Criminal Minds (my favorite), Bones, Person of Interest, Blue Bloods, Merlin (I love the Arthur connection), Hawaii 5-0. We also have the summer shows – The Closer, Leverage, The Glades, Rizzoli & Isles, and we’ll be adding Longmire this year. I love that mystery series – hope they do a good job with it. I also watch Masterpiece Mystery in the summer and love that. I think that’s it.

    We watched Fringe in the past as well as House (got too annoying after a while). I also stopped watching Law & Order SVU. I’ll miss The Closer but am not planning on watching the spin-off with Captain Rayder (my hubby hates her character).

    • christina says:

      Kay you sound just like me with all of the crime shows. Criminal Minds! SWOON. (I also love me some SVU). I started watching Alcatraz but think that I’m gonna give up on it. Can’t get into it, you know?

    • stacybuckeye says:

      I didn’t know there was going to be a Capt, Rayder spin-off! I won’t watch either since I really can’t care less about the character. I do watch Rizzoi if I catch it after The Closer, but I don’t DVR it.
      It’s so easy to get addiction to the DVR and skipping commercials isn’t it? Jason and I wouldn’t be able to watch anything without it.

  4. softdrink says:

    What is this DVR of which you speak?

    When it comes to tv, I’m a total luddite. No recording at all. And I left Hamburger have the remote…always. I just don’t care what’s on (well, unless it’s his 300th viewing of Castaway, then I lodge a complaint).

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Jason will stop and watch Castaway every time too.
      I wish I was less addicted to tv and hope to not pass on this trait to Gage. Luckily, having a kid means we spend so much more time doing things outside the house that we have to curb our addiction.

  5. caspette says:

    I love Modern Family and The Middle also agree with Survivor but I was never won over by Parenthood even though I wanted to like it. I am sad to see we ae loosing House but to be fair last season was a little meh, and The Closer is a sad loss as well.

    I am loving Hawaii 5-0 even though its a little cheesy. Love me my Alex O’loghlin (I think I spelled that very wrong). We also discovered Last Man Standing and we are enjoying it immensely.

  6. hmsgofita says:

    I keep hearing Parenthood is a must-see! I don’t have any recording devices since I don’t have a TV signal coming into my house. We use the internet. My faves are house, Modern Family, Bones, Fringe. Don’t do reality TV, though. WHen I did watch it was Biggest Loser and the Amazing Race. Also caught the Downton Abbey bug. Just bought both seasons on dvd recently!

  7. Jenners says:

    Amazing Race (sooooo good and the only reality show we still watch), The Big Bang Theory (hilarious!!), Modern Family, The Office (not as good as previous), 30 Rock (could be jumping the shark but I”m giving it a bit more time).

    • stacybuckeye says:

      30 Rock is hit or miss. Some weeks I laugh the whole time and some just a few chuckles. We’ve seen The Amazing Race a season here and there and really like it. But Jason will only watch one (Survivor). The other two I watch when both my boys have gone to bed!

  8. Stephanie D. says:

    I have barely any time to read so I don’t watch t.v…..except when my son makes me watch The Office on demand. Love that show!

  9. Diane@BibliophileBytheSea says:

    I don’t watch a lot of tv, but love our dvd. I have all of my favorite favorite episodes of Seinfeld, Frasier, King of Queens recorded. We also have several movies, Blind Side, Clint Eastwood movies, and a few other shows that looked good, but we didn’t have time to watch. Whenever I have a free hour I’ll replay a few sitcoms and have a good laugh!

  10. stacijoreads says:

    We tend to use our DVR a ton especially when the weather gets nicer. We’ve had shows on there for well over a year! We like all kinds of stuff!! No rhyme or reason to it either!

  11. redladysreadingroom says:

    We just got a DVR a few months ago…I could not live without it. We actually watch less TV as we watch what we want to now. I used to watch more reality shows…Project Runway, Top Chef and Amazing Race (didn’t hold my interest this season) and need to get back to watching them now that I have the DVR! We do DVR Apprentice, have watched every season since it started. Comedies…Big Bang Theory, hands down, so funny! I’ve not watched Modern Family but have heard it’s great. Dramas: Parenthood…my favorite show! I pray that they don’t end this show..there are so few dramas that are well done and that stick around as the reality shows get higher ratings. Mad Men…I DVR’d it last night….LOVE this show! I also record Dr Oz but it is is piling up in my DVR unwatched. My husband loves American Restoration on History so we DVR that…we used to watch Pawn Stars and American Pickers and should add that to the DVR as it’s a good show to watch with our teenager…family shows are hard to find that we all like. My son could watch Family Guy every day…you can’t help but laugh but the humor is not always appropriate.

  12. Tami says:

    We have sooo many channels with absolutely nothing on – so I have a list I record and that’s pretty much all I watch. Besides, if I’m watching live I can’t fast-forward through commercials and boring parts. At this time my DVR contains: Reality shows (Project Runway All-Stars, American Idol, Dancing With the Stars), General Hospital (never miss it!!), The Revolution (I skim for the exercise and fashion segments. I’m also a Tim Gunn lover), and Jeopardy (we’re about 25 episodes behind at the moment). We also love Psych and House – really miss Monk.

    If you haven’t read any of Tim Gunn’s books, you really should. Especially “Tim Gunn’s Golden Rules”. I think the man should be president, or Supreme Commander of the World, or something.

  13. jennygirl says:

    Oh gosh I have way too much on my DVR. I watch TV and knit so I’m always watching something.
    Right now..
    Reality: Survivor and Amazing Race
    Comedy: Big Bang Theory, Community, Rules of Engagement, Two Broke Girls
    Drama: lots but depends on time of year. Fringe but that’s prob Sci-fi, Merlin, Hawaii 5-0 (future home state) NCIS: LA, Sometimes things on BBC America or Masterpiece Theater, Once Upon a Time, oh I could go on but that’s good for now 🙂

  14. jennygirl says:

    I would recommend catching up on Once Upon a TIme over the summer. Love the ways they create the origins of the fairy tale characters, the actors are all pretty good, and it’s always entertaining. And the you boy, Henry, is a sweetie pie!

  15. Wrighty says:

    Great question! We haven’t had a DVR for long. It was a free upgrade with our satellite service and I’m so glad we have it now! Although the first one was defective and needed to be replaced so we lost everything saved. It’s so awesome to skip those commercials or pause a show when necessary.

    Since our youngest graduated last year we have more time in the evenings to relax and watch TV. We don’t watch as much in the summer but the cable channels have more and more new shows on year round so there’s always something. We watch a little bit of everything (NCIS,The Closer, Modern Family, The Middle, Big Bang Theory, Raising Hope, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods) but the shows my hubby doesn’t care for (Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Army Wives – the last 2 are also in their final season so I have to see how they end!) I watch after he goes to bed. Then as soon as we watch something I delete it to get it off the DVR. We do have a bunch of great movies saved for the grandkiddos too. 🙂

  16. Teddyree says:

    We DVR or IQ everything so we can fast forward through all the ads 🙂
    Reality: Biggest Loser, My Kitchen Rules, Dancing with the Stars
    Fringe, Dexter, Revenge, Greys Anatomy, Private Practise, Downton Abbey, Two Broke Girls

  17. Jennifer Rayment says:

    We DVR everything too – with 2 kids that is the only way — trust me I understand sometimes we have 4 or 5 eps of a show to watch

    My current shows are Castle, Shameless, Californication, Ringer (But I am totally ashamed of myself — it is so awful but I cannot stop watching), Game of Thrones, Mad Men and How I Met Your Mother

    I’m guessing as our kids get older we will probably watch more TV as we wait for our kids to get home at night LOL!

  18. thebumbles says:

    Okay – I am the only one willing to admit that I DVR Real Housewives of OC? Andy & I love to watch those nut jobs – makes us feel better about ourselves ;0) Of course we also record Survivor, as you know. And also Amazing Race. We also record Criminal Minds even though it disturbs us and gives us nightmares. I record the new show, Awake, which has a very intriguing premise – I think any Lost fan would enjoy it. What else…..? Not much. Random shows here and there when we know we won’t be around. (I enjoy Parenthood too – for some reason I never record it though). And don’t feel bad about not getting to watching them quickly enough. I just finished watching the series finale of Friday Night Lights a few months ago – and it’s been off the air for at least a year now :0)

  19. Trish says:

    We have months worth of shows on our DVR. Sometimes we’ll have a marathon and just watch episode after episode but most times they just sit until one of us says “ehhh…not really interested in watching anymore.” I love 30 Rock and we also watch Once Upon a Time and Smash. Everything else is hit or miss these days.

    Love the “new” look! 🙂 Very pretty.

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