90 Classic Books For People in a Hurry, by Henrik Lange

90 Classic Books for People in a HurryFinished 3-27-12, rating 3.5/5, graphic reference?, 170 pages, pub. 2009

Have you ever wanted to know what people were talking about when they discussed a classic novel like Moby Dick?  Well, now there’s no need to waste your time reading the behemoth novel,  just pick up this book to find out what happens. In 3 frames!!  Yes, every one of these classics is covered in 3 frames.  Some are funny, some are serious, and all left me feeling smarter than when I started.

I warn you that it is addicting which is okay since it won’t take long at all to flip through 90 pages.  I should also warn you that endings will be given away, so if you want a surprise later you may want to skip that page!

This is more entertaining than detailed (obviously) so as addicting as it is (kind of like donuts) it doesn’t give enough substance to be truly outstanding (kind of like donuts).  There are actually a few books in here I’d never heard of and more than a few that aren’t really classics.  Unless you think Pet Sematary by Stephen King and The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown are modern classics.

The descriptions of the classics I hadn’t read were funny and some of images convinced me to read the book and some convinced me that reading it would be a waste of time (Steppewolf and The Stranger come to mind).  As a matter of fact there were several classics that I enjoyed more in this book than when I actually read them (I’m thinking of Heart of Darkness here).  Are you curious how he could possible cover The Bible in 3 frames?  Let’s just say he had to do a lot of condensing.

I liked this book a lot and think it would be PERFECT for a fun graduation gift, especially if they are headed off to college.  Kind of like a gag gift, but one they’ll actually use.

I borrowed this from the library.

16 thoughts on “90 Classic Books For People in a Hurry, by Henrik Lange

  1. Stephanie D. says:

    Great idea!!! There are so many classics I don’t have time to read but have always wanted to; I should just consult this book and cross them off my list : )

  2. caspette says:

    Ok I want to read. I try to read classics I really do but I can rarely get past the first chapter. It would be nice to know what people are raving on about and not just smile and fake it 🙂

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