Sundays with Gage – How Mom keeps her sanity.

Being a stay at home mom is a blessing and I know it.  Some women don’t have the option and I’m thankful every day that I do.  But, there are many days, cooped up in the house for too long with a toddler who is starting to walk, but can provide no meaningful conversation, that I just want to pull my hair out (well, okay, really I want to either take a nap or go out for a relaxing glass of wine).  At some point in the near future Gage will be going to day care for a few hours a week and I think it will be good for both of us, but in the past few months I have found other ways to stave off boredom for both of us.

1. Library Storytime is the best thing available for moms. We live within 20 minutes of four libraries and we go to storytime 3 times a week at 3 different libraries.  You can find us at the library on Wednesday, Thursday, and 2 Fridays a month.  They are free and take babies from about 6 months up.  A great place to meet other moms.  This is Gage at a storytime at the library where I used to work.  This is Shelby and she and I used to work at the reference desk together, now she works with the kids.  Note that Gage is paying attention.  This happens about 5 minutes out of 30.

2. My Gym (or any other gym for kids) is awesome.  We started taking Gage twice a week (once with mom, once with dad) when he was 5 months and he hated it because he hated being on his tummy.  Once we got his acid reflux under control he started really enjoying it.  They have circle time, a new skill each week, free time in the gym, swings, and separation time where all of the parents gather together in the front of the gym and chat while the kids play together in the middle of the gym supervised by staff.  One mother called separation time the best 10 minutes of her day and I can’t disagree.  We may start going 3 times a week. The 45 minute classes are worth every penny.

3. Pretty Girls. On our street we have a few teen girls who babysit Gage.  This is Brooke and once a week she or her sister Maddie come over for 2 hours after school and play with Gage.  I usually leave the house (coffee with friends, shopping, hair cut), but sometimes don’t because I tackle things like cleaning the office or organizing things for donations.  And once a week Marcy comes over for an hour after school to play with Gage.  She’s 13 an it’s her first babysitting experience so I stay home, but the hour to get stuff done (think laundry or actually cooking dinner) is awesome.

4. Classes.  We sign up for free ones at our city library, they have great ones liked Kindermusik and classes that cost a little at our local nanny school, like the sign language class.

5. Blogging.  It takes time, but I can do it after Gage and Jason have gone to bed.  I consider it my grown-up time and consider it an important social outlet for me.  Thank you all for keeping me sane.

So, there you have my helpful scheduling tips for stay at home moms.  I’m always looking for new things to try until I can start taking Gage museum hopping, so let me know if you have a good one.

18 thoughts on “Sundays with Gage – How Mom keeps her sanity.

  1. gautami tripathy says:

    You are doing just great. Here in India, baby sitting is virtually free! Just about anyone in the neighbourhood is only too happy to do it! I did it for my nieces and nephews.

    Love the pictures of Gage! And yes, you do need a break from him now and then….good for you both…

  2. Beth Hoffman says:

    I never had children and can’t imagine how demanding it must be. It’s great that you’ve found ways to have some free time and take a breath. Thanks for sharing Sunday pictures of Gage, he is such a darling little boy!

  3. Bumbles says:

    I wish there were some pretty girls around here! The only 2 girls in our neighborhood are not yet teens – and though they are in love with Sammy, they aren’t really old enough to watch him yet. I’m looking forward to this summer when he and they are a little older and they can come over to play with him while I do chores. Wait – did I just say I was looking forward to doing chores?!

    Our library has story time for babies that I could bring Sammy to now, but it falls on the days that I actually work part-time. The town does have an early childhood center that has classes for babies and toddlers that are free and a great playroom and gym to drop in throughout the week. I’ll be taking advantage of those when in a few months when we get cabin fever on those cold winter days. He does get tired of staring at me and the cat every day. The mall is very entertaining for him these days – especially with all of the bustle of X-Mas shoppers and decorations everywhere. That’s what we do on a rainy day – go for a stroll in the mall and window shop.

    I love that picture of little Gage intently listening to the librarian – good little boy!

  4. JoAnn says:

    I understand, too. When my girls were younger, a weekly playgroup was my salvation. We often got together for other activities during the week, too. As the kids grew up and started school, the moms had become such good friends that we wanted to keep meeting. We turned ourselves into a book group. The core of that group still meets regularly… and all the kids are in college now.

  5. GJR says:

    I used to love babysitting – I started out as one of the girls in the neighborhood playing with the little kids while the mom did stuff around the house. So it’s good experience for the teens and good for the mom!

  6. stacilifeinthethumb says:

    I was very lucky to be able to stay home for a year after Marc was born and then again when he was four. We loved going to the library activities for babies and toddlers, YMCA, and other excursions. I’m glad that you’re making time for you too!!!

  7. Nise' says:

    I was very blessed to be a stay at home mom too. I love how interested Gage is at storytime. I bet those pretty girls think he is just the greatest too!

  8. Mary says:

    I was lucky that I could stay home with the kids. We used the library programs, gym classes, play groups, etc. Thank goodness there were so many options. My daughters were both mothers helpers when they were in junior high. That led to highly sought after babysitters.

  9. Julie says:

    I think the key to being a stay at home mom (I’m not one but friends are) is finding things to do with them so you both don’t go stir crazy. It seems to me like you have that under control now. The first year is always hard to figure out. Seems like you are doing just fine.

  10. kaye says:

    It takes creativty and hard work to be a stay at home mom. 24 hours a day is tough! But, I’ve never regretted my choice to be there for my kids. You won’t either.

  11. jennygirl says:

    I think it is so wonderful you have the opportunity to be home with Gage. And you appreciate it too! It looks like you have plenty of activities lined up for the both of you and I am sure as he gets older he will remember his mommy and me time. You are such an involved and wonderful mom 🙂

  12. Jenners says:

    Good for you!! It is so critical to have some “grown up” time or you will lose your marbles. I did most of the same stuff (except for the babysitters — but I would have done that too if I’d found them). It is good for you and it is good for Gage.

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