Kona Winds, by Janet Dailey

Kona Winds: Hawaii (Americana Series)Finished 12-6-11, rating 2/5, romance, 186 pages, pub. 1979

Julie is a recent graduate and looking for a teaching job and she sure found one.  Leaving a snowy Boston to head to Hawaii for at least six months as a private tutor to a teen stuck in bed after an accident, Julie has a lot to be thankful for.  Raul, the teen’s sexy brother, shows an interest in Julie, especially after she starts dating a surfer.

For some reason I liked Harlequin novels when I was in junior high, reading them must have made me feel grown up.  I remember reading Janet Dailey’s Harlequin books and liking them.  So, when she came out with this romance series in the 80’s that was a book for every state I felt like I should read them all.  I ended up picking up a lot of them too.  In a box in the basement of my parent’s house I found 36 of the states!  Fast forward to this states challenge I am determined to complete this year and I decided to read this one for Hawaii.  I don’t remember ever actually reading it.

In all fairness I did learn quite a bit about the island of Oahu, the sugar cane, the pineapple, the winds and terminology.  The story itself was just not interesting at all.  How a story set in Hawaii could be so lackluster is a mystery.  At 180 pages, it was perfect for helping me finish the states challenge at this late date, but nothing that I’d recommend.

From my personal library (at least for now)