Just Above a Whisper, by Lori Wick

Just Above a WhisperFinished unabridged audio 11-25-11, rating 2.5/5, inspirational fiction, pub. 2009

Listened via Playaway. 8 hours.  Read by Barbara Rosenblat

Book 2 Tucker Mills trilogy

In 1839 Tucker Mills, Reese Thackery is an indentured servant to a man who has physically made advances toward her.  When he dies she hopes she may be free, but the bank is owed money and the bank manager takes over her papers.  It doesn’t take long until the bank president hears what’s been done and rides into town.

I don’t read inspirational fiction very often and I don’t think I’ve ever made it through one as church centered as this one. I’m sure I would have given up on it if I’d been reading, but the playaway did make my cleaning go faster, so I stuck it out.  I can’t say that I really got enjoyment out of it, but it was passable.  My biggest problem aside from the absence of a compelling storyline was Reese and the way everyone in town treated her (I think the author would say Christian, but I would say like she was made of glass).

It was well written and the reader was very easy to listen to. Having said that I can’t really say how this stacks up to other inspirationals since I don’t read them.  Maybe they all spend considerable plot time having new believers ask biblical questions. This wasn’t my cup of tea, but I know from other reviews I’ve read that it is plenty of other readers genre of choice.

I checked it out from the library.