Book vs. Movie – Perfume: The Story of a Murderer


This summer I read the 1985 book by Patrick Suskind and watched the 2006 film. I finally have time to compare the two/


This much of it was true for both. It’s 18th century France and an orphan is born with an extraordinary gift of smell. Grenouille was different the moment he was born, even the other orphaned kids attempted to kill him. But he’s smart and manages to survive and even secure a job with a well respected perfumer in Paris. He becomes obsessed with capturing the scents of women and learns all he can about distilling. He kills his first woman in Paris because he wants to possess her scent. He must go on to a smaller town to learn more, but has some years of crazy in a cave first. Once he reaches the small French town his plan to come up with the perfect transcendent scent is born and no one is safe.

The book was much more inside of Grenouille’s head and that’s just not a place I wanted to be. Thumbs up- movie


The way that Suskind described Grenouille’s world was perfection. I may not have wanted to be inside Grenouille’s head, but the words that aroused the senses made the book come alive for me. Thumbs up- book


Hands down the best part of the book OR the movie was Dustin Hoffman as the perfumer and Alan Rickman as Richis. They both enhanced the roles. Ben Whishaw was a good lead and true to the character in the book. Thumbs up – movie


The fact that the movie actually accomplished the village-wide orgy at the end gives it the definite edge. Thumbs up- movie

And the winner is...the MOVIE! Although this is a beloved, bestselling book, the movie didn’t creep me out me like the book did.

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5 thoughts on “Book vs. Movie – Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

  1. Diane says:

    I have read the book nor have I seen the movie but, I think I might like the book a bit more – can’t say why though LOL – There is a new NF called: Perfume that came out in 2021, author’s name escapes me other than the last name starts with an (S) LOL

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