Laughing Through Life, by Connie Corcoran Wilson w/ GIVEAWAY

Laughing Through LifeFinished 12-12-11, rating 3/5, non-fiction stories, 170 pages, pub.2011

Wilson compiles stories from her life, from entertaining, to getting her ears pierced to politics.  She’s not a good cook, which accounts for a few of the more amusing stories, nor is she a good golfer, which I can easily relate to, although she is much braver than I am by putting her skills on display.  She is also unabashedly liberal, which is not a bad word in this house (I don’t consider myself a liberal, but detest it when some cable stations spit it out like it’s the worst of 4-letter words), and not shy about her anti-Bush sentiments.

The good news is that most of the stories were amusing, except the last chapter which really left the book hanging on a low note (if you are interested in hemorrhoids then this chapter is just for you).  If you read part one of her interview yesterday you know she write in a very conversational style, just like she’s sitting right there and you two are having a coffee.  The bad news is that I found the selection of stories disjointed and would have preferred a more careful consideration.  Including a random story about the 1984 Olympics seemed weird.  And the paper vs. plastic debate has pretty much been covered.

I didn’t mind the politics, the only reason I accepted the book for review is because I knew I probably agreed with her on most things, and I did, sort of.  But rehashing the 2004 election rallies seems tired at this point, unless it’s a comprehensive collection and this wasn’t.  It would have been better as a separate book, and beware she has nothing nice to say about Republicans, except that the women dress well.

Connie has graciously agreed to give away one copy to a lucky commenter.  Just let me know you’re interested and I’ll throw your name into a hat.  Open internationally (for an e-edition) or in the US for a paper or e-copy.  I’ll draw a winner on December 27.

I accepted this book for review as part of the Premier Virtual Author Book Tours

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