Hawkes Harbor, by SE Hinton

Hawkes HarborFinished audio 12-12-11, rating 4/5, pub. 2004

Unabridged audio.  6 hours.  Read by Dick Hill.

An orphan and a bastard, Jamie grew up tough enough to handle almost anything. He survived foreign prisons, smugglers, pirates, gunrunners, and shark attacks. But what he finds in the quote town of Hawkes Harbor, Delaware, was enough to drive him almost insane—and change his life forever.

This is a shortened overview from the paperback version of the book and it is bland enough to be true.  I wish I could include the one from the audio version because then you’d understand the few issues I had while listening to this one, but I can’t because I already returned it to the library.

Jamie was orphaned at 8, and on his own for a long while, having only his friend, Kell, to watch his back.  He was crude and always looking for the easy way, for the big payoff.  When Jamie ended up in Hawkes Harbor he found the shock of his life, and that’s saying a lot given all that Jamie had been through.  He ends up staying in Hawkes Hall, working for Grenville Hawke.  Until he gets sent to state hospital for the mentally ill.

The book is supposed to have a bit of mystery attached to it, I guess, since none of the descriptions really give Jamie’s shock away, so I won’t either.  I was surprised that by the end of the book I found it to be a rather charming story of an unlikely friendship.

I assumed that a book by SE Hinton would be teen friendly, but I was wrong.  This is definitely an adult book, with frank and bawdy sex talk and situations, but it does have the popular teen themes of the day.  I liked it quite a bit, but wouldn’t have read it if I’d known what happened to Jamie.  Are you curious yet?

I checked this audio out from the library.  Thanks for the recommendation, Jill.