Sundays with Gage – Book recommendations

Gage loves books.  He especially loves to turn the pages, but sometimes he likes to listen too.  We took this picture last night as we walked by our neighbor’s Christmas lights and Gage decided now would be a good time to tell you about some of his favorites so you might get a few ideas for those kids on your shopping list.

The first year and even now into his 13th month board books are still best, but we have started to branch out a little.

Simple First Words Let's TalkSimple First Words Let’s Talk  This is a big book with fun, colorful pictures and sound and Gage loved it pretty early on.  It’s one we look through together because the only drawback is that the buttons are hard to push and not really all that baby friendly. But it’s a great book to help them learn some basic words.

Product DetailsCheerios Play Book is a huge hit at meal time.  We finish every meal with Gage looking through it and picking out his favorite pages (the cars, the bears, and the mice) and then having mom or dad put Cheerios in the right slots so he can eat them with relish!  This book has simple instructions on each page for the child to put the Cheerios in the spots and while Gage hasn’t really gotten that concept yet he still loves this book.  Why wouldn’t he since his favorite food magically appears on the pages.  There is also a holiday Cheerios play book that I’ve ordered for Gage’s stocking.

My First SignsSigning Smart My First Signs is one that we just started using.  I found this and a few others in the series at the library and they are awesome.  It’s a picture book with an adult and a toddler both making the sign for each simple word (mom, dad, bed, cup…)with a caption that helps you make the sign.  And there are things to touch and feel for the child so the book is more stimulating.  If you know someone who is trying to teach their baby sign language I highly recommend this one. (Gage and I are taking a sign language class but that’s for another post)

TailsTails was handed to me at Barnes & Noble by a mother who has a son a few months older than Gage.  I love recommendations and brought it home for Gage.  This is the only one on this list that is not a board book and it needs to be read with supervision, but it’s great and he and I love it.  There are things to feel on every page and tabs to pull, tails that swish and swat.  And the last few pages help the children learn the animals and numbers (we never get this far since he it too busy flipping back to his favorite tails.

These are all Gage tested and approved and would be a welcome addition to any child’s library.  I could list 20 books, but these are both Gage and Mom favorites because they are fun and teachable.