Sundays with Gage – A Weighty Issue

My weight didn’t become a real issue until we moved to the Cleveland area in 2000.  I had never had a real problem with my weight.  So, when we moved here for Jason’s job and I decided not to transfer with Barnes & Noble and became unemployed for the first time, it is no big surprise that the pounds found their way on to my short body.  I took on several part-time jobs over the years but none of them kept me on my feet and away from the refrigerator like B&N did.  I gained weight.  And then I joined Weight Watchers online and lost 20 pounds.  I still wanted to lose a little more but I was happy.  Who knew that those 20 less pounds would provide fertile ground for a pregnancy.

And then I gained 42-45 pounds and a baby.  And stress, due to colic and his health, had me not caring what went into my body as long as it made me feel better.  This usually involved chocolate and wine on weekends.  And lots and lots of easy to pick up junk food.

Then one day I saw a few pictures and was horrified. No, really.  I turn 40 in October.  (Wow, that was quite a confession ;))  And I want to be at pre-pregnancy weight.  Which means I have to lose about 26 pounds. This picture from last weekend will serve as my before picture.

I will probably try to use Weight Watchers because it works for me and I will be joining the .  I committed to 100 miles from July 1-Sept 30, but I’m hoping to walk lots more than that.

Being a mother has not been easy, but the extra weight is not making it any easier or me any healthier.  I will not be giving you regular updates, but I will provide an after picture on my birthday.  I’ll have to see what I can get done in the next 15 weeks.

Any tips for losing pregnancy weight?  Except for the boring eat less, move more?

Here’s a picture I took of Gage (and Max) an hours ago…

It’s nice to know that no matter how much I weigh, Gage still loves me 🙂