Sundays with Gage – Father’s Day addition

There are lots of dads in the world, but not nearly as many good ones.  I have been blessed in my life with two great dads, my own and Jason.  My dad was strict but fun and let me know he loved me a lot of different ways.  I grew up knowing that a good father makes a real difference in your life.  Gage saves his best smiles for grandpa.

I have also been lucky enough to marry a guy who is an awesome dad.  Different than the one I grew up with, but just as wonderful.  He changes diapers, feeds him and sings to him when that’s the only thing that will do.  I love parenting with him and can’t imagine a better dad for Gage.

I have every confidence that Gage will grow into a great man.  He’s got two perfect examples in his dad and grandpa.