Sundays with Gage (and Les Roberts) and my 1,000th post with giveaway

This is a super-sized Sunday with Gage.  Who knew when I started blogging on January 7, 2008, that I’d still be around three and half years later?  These were my first two posts that day.  So, here we are 1,000 posts later and still having fun and loving all of the friendships I’ve made.

Yesterday was a busy day for Gage and here’s why…

His first trip in the pool.  Jason and I weren’t sure what to expect and were pleasantly surprised when he seemed to really like it.  He lasted as long as Daddy, who spent 20 minutes swimming him around.  I was at the side of the pool and getting ready to start snapping pics when a very nice lifeguard informed me that I couldn’t take any.  Huh.  Shows you how often we’ve been to the pool in the last few years.  Apparently, people like to take pictures of kids not their own and do who knows what with them.  I am sure that not all of these people are perverts, but really, way to ruin it for the rest of us.  So, I begged the lifeguard to let me take one photo and that’s the one I got.

Then in the evening local mystery author, Les Roberts, invited all bloggers to join him for a meet and greet at Visible Voice Books in the Tremont area of Cleveland.  This is an area I’m not all that familiar with but have always wanted to explore.  Jason and Gage came with me and while I got to listen to Les talk about his books, writing and life, Jason and Gage toured  the area.

This was the bookstore, which also has a wine bar and live music on the patio in the evenings and also a photo taken with a few of the bloggers that attended. There were around a dozen of us and we each enjoyed a glass of wine and the hour of  listening and asking questions.  I’ll probably include more details in a later post.

Since this is a super-sized 1,000th post I am going to be giving away a signed Les Roberts mystery and you get to pick which one.  On Saturday Les will be signing books 5 minutes from my house, so on Saturday at noon I’ll draw a winner and go and pick up your book.  Since this is also a Sundays with Gage post, you’ll also receive a signed head shot of Gage (LOL).

To enter to win a Les Roberts mystery (a series that is a great representation of Cleveland) just leave your email address with a comment.  You have until Saturday, June 11th, to enter.