The Fountain, by Emily Grayson

Fountain: A NovelFinished 6-9-11, rating 4/5, fiction, 292 pages, pub. 2001

Long before Will Combray came along, Michael was there.  Always, there had been Michael.  And if Casey felt as though she’d known him forever, it was only because she had.

Chapter 2 

Casey had known Michael all of her life.  They were next door neighbors and best friends.  When they started a romantic relationship, she felt like it was the thing to do to make everyone happy, but she still felt like there was more out there for her.  She was looking beyond the life she’d lived so far into a future that held more excitement.  And that excitement came in the form of Will.  Older, worldly Will charmed Casey into loving him.  It does not end well.  Now it’s 20 years later and Will has come back, days before her anniversary party, celebrating the life she’s made with Michael.

This story felt familiar, in a good way.  Who hasn’t thought of the road not taken?  It felt more like that than a cheesy romance novel which also uses this plot line often.  Casey wasn’t necessarily a sympathetic character, but there was a genuineness to her that made the story work.  If she’d been nicer this story would have been boring.  As it was I read through this one fast because I wanted to know what she would choose-her comfortable life with Michael or the great unknown with Will.

It was a quick read and one that drew me in and surprised me along the way.  Grayson’s writing felt like I was listening to a friend and I look forward to checking out more of her work.

This was from my personal library.