Sundays with Gage – A Weighty Issue

My weight didn’t become a real issue until we moved to the Cleveland area in 2000.  I had never had a real problem with my weight.  So, when we moved here for Jason’s job and I decided not to transfer with Barnes & Noble and became unemployed for the first time, it is no big surprise that the pounds found their way on to my short body.  I took on several part-time jobs over the years but none of them kept me on my feet and away from the refrigerator like B&N did.  I gained weight.  And then I joined Weight Watchers online and lost 20 pounds.  I still wanted to lose a little more but I was happy.  Who knew that those 20 less pounds would provide fertile ground for a pregnancy.

And then I gained 42-45 pounds and a baby.  And stress, due to colic and his health, had me not caring what went into my body as long as it made me feel better.  This usually involved chocolate and wine on weekends.  And lots and lots of easy to pick up junk food.

Then one day I saw a few pictures and was horrified. No, really.  I turn 40 in October.  (Wow, that was quite a confession ;))  And I want to be at pre-pregnancy weight.  Which means I have to lose about 26 pounds. This picture from last weekend will serve as my before picture.

I will probably try to use Weight Watchers because it works for me and I will be joining the .  I committed to 100 miles from July 1-Sept 30, but I’m hoping to walk lots more than that.

Being a mother has not been easy, but the extra weight is not making it any easier or me any healthier.  I will not be giving you regular updates, but I will provide an after picture on my birthday.  I’ll have to see what I can get done in the next 15 weeks.

Any tips for losing pregnancy weight?  Except for the boring eat less, move more?

Here’s a picture I took of Gage (and Max) an hours ago…

It’s nice to know that no matter how much I weigh, Gage still loves me 🙂

41 thoughts on “Sundays with Gage – A Weighty Issue

  1. Heather says:

    Yup, Gage love you for sure! I hear ya. I finally did make it to pre-pregnancy weight with some ups and down along the way. This is one of my ups right now….but I just move more and try to eat less junk food and more salads. I still would like to lose around 10-15 more but don’t really know if I’m up for that. We’ll see!

    Good luck in your personal challenge! I still think you look fabulous, though! Hugs!

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Yea for making it to your prepregnancy weight. I know lots who don’t. I imagine I’ll have lots of ups and downs, but need to get myself under better control!

  2. Kay says:

    Your boy looks so cute – like a natural driver – love the little tongue sticking out. LOL

    I have no wise thoughts about weight loss, except that it can be done and is tough. Water, lots and lots of water. More than you ever thought you needed or wanted. With a squeeze of lemon or lime. Fresh lemon or lime. It helps me anyway. 🙂

    I’m very tempted to go join the challenge. I feel like I keep struggling to make exercise a priority or even a habit at all. Maybe this would help me. Good luck to you!!

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Water is a problem. I don’t like it and struggle with it every time I try to lose weight. I need to do better, I know.
      Glad you decided to join the challenge 🙂

  3. rhapsodyinbooks says:

    Wow, that contraption Gage is in is awesome!

    I think kids make it hard to lose weight – so much stress and mixed up schedules. I think a big thing (maybe not an issue yet LOL!) is to pass up the temptation to finish up their food! Aside from that, I have lots of trouble with the eat-LESS thing. I’m much better at the eat-DIFFERENTLY thing and I am maniacal about keeping “bad” stuff out of the house when I’m trying not to have it. That might not be easy with a tall, skinny guy around though! :–) From reading the tabloid stuff, I know it works to have a personal trainer and chef on a live-in basis. (trying to list all the things I can that are different from the plain old “diet and exercise” thing!) But having others join you is helpful. Anyone live near you that you can enlist for walking with you and Gage?

    • stacybuckeye says:

      That contraption was given to us by a neighbor because their daughter had outgrown it. He loves it.
      I know I’m stress eating and I have got to get more maniacal about keeping the bad stuff out of the house! It’s been a chocolate free-for-all here since Gage was born.
      The tall, skinny guy does make it a challenge to cook for both of us, but he eats way healthier than me (go figure).

  4. Gage's Grandma says:

    I wish we lived closer so we could be walking buddies. It really helps motivate me to have a partner. Judy and I walked 10.5 miles last week and hope to increase that as we go along. You will succeed at your weight loss challenge. (Even though you are beautiful just the way you are!) Love the pics. Gage is just too adorable!

  5. Nise' says:

    I am a firm believer in WW. In fact, I am seriously thinking about going back as I hope there is a wedding in my daughter’s future (2012). I have no problem with the exercise it is the food choices I make and learning that at age 50 I can’t just exercise away what I eat, I have to make better choices! So no great advice from me as I don’t heed it myself! I’m with Jill, if I just had a live in chef and personal trainer it would be a breeze! You can do it girlfriend!

    • stacybuckeye says:

      A live in chef sounds like a great 40th birthday present. She could come in one day a week and cook all of our meals for the week. Actually after thinking about how wonderful that would be I’m probably going to be disappointed with my gift now 🙂

  6. Carol M says:

    Losing weight is always hard. I think the worse thing you can do is deprive yourself of the foods you love. Eating smaller portions has always helped me. Take Gage for a walk every day! That will help and you both will like it. Now that the weather is nice, it won’t be so hard to do. I always lose a few pounds in the summer because I do a lot of work in the yard and I feel good about accomplishing something.
    Love the photo of Gage! He is a cutie! Soon he will be chasing Max around! lol

    • stacybuckeye says:

      The reason I like WW is because I can eat what I want. But if I decide to have that pizza I better be prepared to only eat veggies or fruit for the rest of the day!

  7. Jenners says:

    Gosh, if I knew any tips or secrets, I would use them myself. I’ve been trying to lose the “baby” weight for 6 years now!!! No luck. It is hard to be a mom and sometimes I use food (ie. chocolate) as a “reward” for getting through the day. I’m trying Weight Watchers (AGAIN) for the millionth time but having trouble due to various speical events where I fall off the wagon. Still, we have to keep trying and getting back on the wagon every time we fall off. Good luck!! Know that you are not alone!

    • stacybuckeye says:

      I know what you mean about using chocolate as a reward to get through the day! That’s been my trouble. Well, and my almost daily trips to Walgreens where there always seems to be candybars on sale at checkout. For some reason I can never pass those up 🙂

  8. kim W says:

    Hey, I wish you Godspeed and good health with this…you have a very reasonable goal and lots of people pulling for you…:)PS…You do not look bad at all…Just sayin’

  9. Misha says:

    Good luck with the weight loss! I agree with Carol. Don’t stop eating what you love – just eat them in limited quantities. Also, I think walking or cycling everyday really helps.
    Gage looks so adorable in those pictures!

  10. Stephanie D. says:

    I hated being on my feet all day when I worked retail, but looking back on it, I was the most fit I had ever been. Especially during the bookstore job – my arms didn’t have the jigglies like they do now. 100 miles and 26 pounds in 15 weeks sounds very doable. I wish you every bit of luck and encouragement in your goal. Sounds like you and Gage will have a lot of stroller time – he should love it!

  11. Veens says:

    I have the same problem! I have so much pregnancy weight still on me and I am getting fatter each day! BUT you look awesome 🙂
    Gage though is adorable!!

    I think I should join the challenge too :-/

  12. Alice Teh says:

    Read less (*gasp*) and seriously, walking does wonders and before you know it, you’ve lost tonnes. And if you can throw in some weight training (8lbs to 10 lbs dumbbells are about right), it’ll help fire up fat burning. Protein (soy base is good) serves as good recovery drink to reward your body for all its hard work. All the best, Stacy! 🙂

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Sorry, Alice, I didn’t read past “read less”, LOL! With a baby I struggle to carve out time to read at all.

  13. Carol says:

    Gage is so adorable!

    I’m not tall either and it is amazing what a difference 20-30 pounds can make. I’m sure you can do it. I’m working on losing some too. For me it’s more exercise and less treats. Less, not none.

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Short people cannot handle even a 10 pound add on without showing it. That’s why I’m hoping Gage has Daddy’s height.

  14. Staci says:

    I think WW is the way to go and trust me I’m 42 and still battling that demon. I’m trying not to be too hard on myself though but I have started walking with the dogs about 3 miles a day, drinking more water, and trying to eat more fruit and salads!! I think you look great but I understand how seeing a photo of yourself is upsetting. Good luck and I’ll be walking right along side of you! 😀

  15. Bermudaonion says:

    I wish I had some magical tips, but I don’t. Does Gage enjoy riding in the stroller? You could get in lots of walks while it’s nice out if he does. Good luck to you!

  16. jennygirl says:

    I’m sure Gage and Jason will love you no matter what you weigh, but I know that’s not what matters most to you. All I can say, is get to where you feel comfortable. I would recommend the following:
    *write down what you eat
    *get moving everyday and change it up from time to time to keep your body guessing
    *weight train, weight train, weight train

    It will helop you lose more and sculpt you, believe it or not. Weight watchers is great for the food part, but you need the weights too. Can you tell I am life long fighter with my weight? And the number on the scale is not the be all end all. I am supposed to be x amount of pounds for my specifics, and I will never be that weight. I know that. So just strive to be healthier and fitter and the rest wil come 🙂 Oh goodness I sound like a preacher. Feel free to email me for more pep talks or ideas 🙂 Have a great week!

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Thanks for the pep talk and tips. I did do the orientation at the community center gym, but so far I’ve only biked ( mainly because it’s the only time that I can read!). Maybe as Gage can do a few things without my active involvement I can commit to weight training. I just don’t see it happening at the moment, but I do know it’s important.

  17. Bumbles says:

    I agree with all that Jennygirl says. I’m glad that you have joined an exercise challenge to pair with your diet changes. Too many people believe just one or the other should cure their issues – and it takes both to make things work. I saw there is a class called Baby Boot Camp that lets you work out with your kid and stroller while meeting other moms and toning that figure. They are across the country:

    If you need a virtual buddy through your exercise and diet goals, I’d be happy to help you stay committed and accountable – I could use some help myself ;0)

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Some people told me about the Baby Boot Camp, but having a baby when the Cleveland winter starts is a challenge. We spent way too many months housebound. I may have to start sending you and Jenny weekly emails to keep me motivated!

  18. Jean says:

    When I look at your “before” picture I just see a precious friend and wonderful mother.
    I wish you the best in your exercise and weight loss challenge. Miss you!!

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