Fave Film #25 – The Wedding Singer


Cast- Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Christine Taylor

Robbie Hart is a wedding singer, a good one, but still a wedding singer and on his wedding day his bride-to-be decides that it isn’t enough for her.  Robbie is depressed but finds purpose in helping Julia plan her wedding to Glen, a less than impressive fiance.

Why I love it- It is no secret that I love all things 80’s, so this ode to the 80’s is an obvious fit for me.  I held off seeing it, however, due to its lead.  I am not a fan of Adam Sandler movies (I did love him on Saturday Night Live), so I was surprised that I totally fell for him as the wedding singer.  He had a vulnerability and normalcy in this movie that I hadn’t seen from him before.  And if you add the always charming Drew Barrymore, well you have the basis for a good flick.

It hit the over the top 80’s vibe just right, with the pop culture references, the music and wardrobe.  Just look at the poster and Adam Sandler’s permed hair!  It took me back to my high school days (a little) and life before cell phones and texting when a cd player was the hot new thing.

I never would have thought I would buy into Adam Sandler as a romantic lead, but what can I say?  His song to Julia at the end is one that I sing to my hubby 😉  And it’s funny.  It’s a sweet romantic comedy.

Fun Fact- In a recent Entertainment Weekly poll of favorite wedding movies The Wedding Singer tied for second with Wedding Crashers.  Father of the Bride was #1.

15 thoughts on “Fave Film #25 – The Wedding Singer

    • stacybuckeye says:

      I get sentimental about Father of the Bride. I remember my parents bringing my grandparents with them to visit me at college. We all went to the theater together. I’m sure that was the only movie I ever saw at the theater with my grandpa. He died my junior year. So, I love the movie, but it’s always tinged with just a bit of sadness too.

  1. Wanda says:

    “The Wedding Singer” is a great blast from the past feel good movie I never grow tired of even though Adam Sandler can be hit or miss with me. Would have loved to have seen the broadway play based on this movie …

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