Les Roberts Giveaway

In my most recent Sundays with Gage post I mentioned that I had been able to go to a meet & greet with mystery writer Les Roberts.  Here’s the post I wrote about a book signing I attending in 2008 (Les Roberts Books Signing)

I have since read the first 5 in the series and love them.  I am hoping that you will fall in love with Milan (and Cleveland) too, so I’m giving away one signed Les Roberts book – you choose.  If you are new to the series I say start with the first one, Pepper Pike (a suburb 10 minutes from my house).

A few fun facts about Les…he’s from Chicago, lived and wrote in Los Angeles before coming to Cleveland for a 4 month job and deciding this was the place he felt at home, so he packed up and moved here!  For all the flack Cleveland gets it’s nice to see some love 🙂  Also, when a local group askes him for a donation he sells a character name for charity.  The next silent auction I attend you can be sure I’ll be looking for that!  In his most recent book four people bought their way in.  He makes very clear that all of his characters are corrupt and there’s no way to know what will happen to your character.

I’ll be drawing a winner at noon on Friday.  You can leave your name andd email on this post OR my Sundays with Gage post to enter.  Good luck~

Les Roberts wesite here.

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