Monday Movie Meme- Family Dynamics

Feature Presentation…MONDAY MOVIE MEME
You’re only as interesting as the family you come from. Many of us spend a lot of time hiding those “interesting” family moments! The movies are filled with dynamic families creating all sorts of food for thought and sources of laughter. Share on your blog the families the movies portray that struck a chord with you.
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1. While You Were Sleeping (1995) I love this movie as much for the great Callaghans as for the love story.  Peter Boyle, Glynis Johns, Jack Warden, and Micole Mercurio were the glue that held this story together and made every scene fun to watch.  I loved the leads too (Sandra Bullock, Bill Pullman and Peter Gallagher) but the family was the fourth main character.  This is #25 on my Favorite Movie list.

2. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) The Portokalos family must come to terms with their daughter not marrying a Greek, but the audience just gets to sit back and smile, thankful that they are not our family.

3. Meet the Parents (2000) So, how bad can things really go when you take home your boyfriend for a family wedding?  Pretty bad if the head of that family is Jack Byrnes and the boyfriend is Gaylord Focker.  With a name like Focker you just knew there was going to be trouble.  This movie makes me laugh, a lot.  The second one not quite as much, but still funny.  I’m hoping the one coming out this month with the Focker children will be funny too.  This is one of my top 10 Favorite Movies.

4. Dan in Real Life (2007) This is one of those big family movies where all the kids and grandkids get together and hijinks ensue.  I am an only child, so these movies always make me wish I’d had a sibling or two.  This movie was funny, but tackled  more serious issues too.

5. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993) I thought I’d add one movie that wasn’t a comedy.  This movie was all about complicated family dynamics and it has powerhouse performances by Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp.  Another one on my Favorite Movie list.

Do you have a favorite family in film?

6 thoughts on “Monday Movie Meme- Family Dynamics

  1. Monex says:

    It was a more serious take on the everyday confusions of life in family drama. ……Chris Rockmond Dunbar played in the drama Soul Food the series as a family man too.

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