2010 Book Favorites

I only read 80 books this year.  I knew I’d been reading less, but I had no idea it was only 80 until I counted them up last night.  At the beginning of the year I set my reading goal at 105 with 12 of those being fiction and I did read 10 non-fiction and I consider that a success considering how many fewer books I actually read.  A few interesting stats…

I read 51 women authors and 29 men.

The state I most visited was California followed closely by New York.

I read 7 Brenda Joyce books, making her my most read author.

And now for the FAVORITE FIVE BOOKS I READ THIS YEAR (in order)…

I’m not much of a memoir reader so I am surprised to find this my very favorite read this year.  Reviewed here.

A historical romance that will keep you reading far past when it’s time for bed.  Reviewed here.

You chose it for me and I was surprised at how much I loved this novel set in Spain in the 1940’s.  Reviewed here.

I had no idea I liked magical realism.  An enchanting read.  Reviewed here.

Little Cee Cee grew up not far from where I live in Ohio but it wasn’t until her move south that she blossomed.  Reviewed here.