2010 Quiz Wrap Up

I love quizzes and polls and games and if I can’t play ’em or take ’em I like making ’em up.  I loved making up games when I was younger and now thanks to all of you who like to play along I get to make up quizzes.  So here’s a big THANK YOU to all of you who have participated in my quizzes this year.  I appreciate each and every one of you.  My Quizzes will return in January new and improved and I hope you’ll continue to play along with me and your fellow book lovers.  If you have a great idea for a quiz I hope you’ll email me.  I’m always open to ideas.

Round 4 of 2010 has a winner!  Jennifer of Rayment’s Readings, Rants and Ramblings  has won with 913.25 points!!  Congratulations, Jennifer!  And the randomly selected winner is Hannah of Word Lily (my mom chose 750 and her score was the closest)!!  Both of these wonderfully bookish women will be receiving a fun surprise in the mail for their efforts.  A total of 35 of you participated this round and I hope the newcomers will come back and play again.  And tell your friends 😉

And now for the 2010 Quiz recap…Jennifer and Nise dominated the top spot this year, so congrats on a great year, ladies! 

Jennifer of Rayment’s Readings Rants & Ramblings won the first round in the new format.  Cee Cee of Book Splurge was my randomly chosen winner.  Details here.

Nise of Under the Boardwalk won the second round and Jenny of Jenny Loves To Read was my randomly chosen winner.  Details here.

Nise of Under the Boardwalk won the third round and Jo Jo of Jo-Jo Loves to Read was my randomly chosen winner.  Details here.

Jennifer of Rayment’s Reading, Rants, and Ramblings won round four and Hannah of Word Lily was my randomly chosen winner.

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