Sundays with Gage – Christmas in the House That Grandpa Built

 We headed home this weekend to celebrate Christmas with my Grandma and the family.  My Grandpa was the oldest of 12 and my Grandma the second oldest of 9 and they had 6 kids (and in-laws), 8 (then 10) grandchildren (and 8 in-laws), and with Gage 12 great-grandchildren.  My Grandpa died in 1992, but the rest of the family he and my Grandma made still get together every year in the house that he built.  It’s a favorite time for me because I grew up surrounded by a lot of family and it is a treat for me to travel home and be surrounded by the love of relatives.  As an only child my extended family is important to me and I am thankful for them. 

This year was special because Gage is the first baby in 7 years so he got lots of attention and as you can see by his picture he was worn out by the time we headed back today.  And today marks two months that Gage has graced us with his presence and we are excited to celebrate his first Christmas next week even if the only part of his presents he showed any interest in yesterday was a ribbon (and I’m using interest in very lightly).

Hope this holiday season hasn’t worn you out as much as it has Gage 🙂