Murder List, by Julie Garwood

Murder List by Julie Garwood: Book CoverFinished 12-12-10, rating 4/5, mystery, pub. 2004

They both pulled out their notepads.  Regan wrote across the top of the paper, “Murder List” and underlined the words twice.  Underneath she wrote, “People I Want Dead.”  Now what?  Stalling for time, she tapped her pen against the folder until the man in front of her turned and frowned.

Chapter 10

Regan is a successful hotel heiress with three older brothers and two very best friends, all hot, of course.  She is leading a charmed life until one silly exercise while helping a friend turns into a nightmare.  She makes her Murder List and then the people on it start showing up dead and she is put under police protection.  Enter the very sexy detective assigned to her, Alec, who can’t believe his good luck in guarding someone like Regan.

I liked this book a lot because it was fun and entertaining.  I finished the last page satisfied.  The chracters were likeable and each had their own story.  I wouldn’t mind reading more about each of the brothers.  The two best friends too could use their own stories.

It is only now that I’m typing this that I realize there were quite a few aspects that could have been better.  I wish we’d spent a little more time in the mind of the killer and the execution of the list was not exactly edge of your seat entertainment.  So, if you are looking for a light read with some mystery and romance this is a good one.  Anything more and you may want to skip it.

This is from my personal library.