Keeper of the Keys by Perri O’Shaughnessy

Keeper of the Keys by Perri O'Shaughnessy: CD Audiobook CoverKeeper of the Keys. Finished unabridged audio 11-29-10, rating 3.5/5, fiction. pub. 2006

Read by Dick Hill & Laural Merlington.  Total time 9 hours.

Leigh has gone missing, but no one but her father seems concerned at first, at least not her husband, Ray.  He is more concerned with the last fight they’d had about her affair.  When her father sends in his police buddies and an old best friend start sniffing around Ray must find his wife or suffer the consequences.

After the first few cds I thought it was a fairly predictable mystery with an okay premise.  I was proved wrong about it being predictable, unreasonable at times but not a cookie cutter mystery.  Ray was an interesting character who left the reader wondering was going on with his model home and key obsession.  Leigh’s story was mainly told by her relationship with other people, Ray, her ex-best friend, her lover…so I felt sympathy for her even if I hardly knew her.  Was she alive or dead and was Ray as crazy as he seemed?

What made this story good for me were the performances by the two readers.  Both Hill and Merlington really brought the characters to life and probably made the book better than if I’d read it.  It was a good pick for our Thanksgiving road trip, Jason and I both enjoyed it.  Gage is undecided, at least we think so since he hasn’t given us his opinion yet.

I borrowed this audio from the library.