My Monthly Movie Thoughts and an Open Invitation

These are the movies I’ve watched this month and I’ve given each one a grade and 5 words to describe it.  There are two ways to actively participate.  One, if you’ve seen any of the movies leave me your 1-5 words in the comments and I’ll add them to the post.  Or, if you are feeling ambitious and want to do this on your own blog leave me a link in the comments and I’ll add it to the bottom of the post.   Of course,  you can just browse and enjoy too 🙂

I’ve noted airplane movies because I’m not sure a nervous flyer like me should be completely trusted to give an accurate grade.

2008  Grade A

Endearing Robot Saves 2805 Earth.

Overrated Carol

Perhaps Pixar’s Best Yet Wordlily

Sweet, endearing, romantic, fantasy flick. (Nolatari)

Touching Love Story With Robots (Beth)

Fantastic robots and save earth message. (Heather)

A pantomime with a message.  (Tony)

(1948. Cast- Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, Angela Lansbury, Van Johnson) Grade A-

Politics Sure Hasn’t Changed Much.

(2009. Cast-Robert DeNiro, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale, Sam Rockwell)  Airplane Movie Grade B-

Too Sentimental.  DeNiro Awesome. Depressing.

Even grumpy dads need love.  (Tony)

(2004. Cast-Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler, Sean Astin, Rob Schneider) Airplane Movie Grade C

Not As Terrible As Expected.

Disappointing. They’ve done much better. (Nolatari)

Sweet story, goofy, typical Sandler. (Debbie)

Silly, unbelievable, but semi-charming romance. (Heather)

Adam Sandler is somehow charming.  (Tony)

(2009, Robin Williams, John Travolta, Seth Green, Kelly Preston, Bernie Mac)  Airplane Movie Grade D

A Few Laughs. Wasted Talent.

The Chaos Experiment(2009.  Cast- Val Kilmer, Armand Assante)  Grade – F

Complete Waste of Time.  Really.


24 thoughts on “My Monthly Movie Thoughts and an Open Invitation

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Well that just breaks my heart. I fell in love with Wall-E. I had no idea what it was about before we watched so I had no expectations.

  1. Word Lily says:

    • Pixar does it again.
    • Perhaps Pixar’s best yet.

    I love Wall-E!

    I like 50 First Dates better than you apparently did, but it wasn’t spectacular.
    • Adam Sandler plays modern-day Prince Charming

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Well, I did see 50 First Dates on the plane so I cannot be held responsible for my thoughts. I was just trying to forget where I was!

  2. Margot says:

    Wow, you had a wide range of movies this month – from A to F. I may be the only one in the country who loved Everythings Fine. My husband said it was a complete downer. But Robert DeNiro was so real and so touching. I cried.

  3. CeeCee says:

    Gosh you pick some I didn’t know existed. I have to be the only one who really didn’t like Wall-E. I think some movies you have to watch in the theater. 50 first dates was okay, but like you said not that bad.

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Well, Hannah also thought Wall-E was overrated. I, of course, think you are both wrong 😉 I just fell in love with that little machine.

  4. candice says:

    Wall-E was sweet, but a bit heavy-handed with the future forecast.

    I LOVED 50 first dates. It suffered from Rob Reiner’s dumb humor, but I enjoyed the concept of falling in love with (the same) someone every day, or not. I thought it was sweet & romantic. Plus Drew Barrymore & Adam Sandler are 2 actors I really like, more for their personality/ordinary quality than their acting abilities.
    This is a fun way to review movies!

    • stacybuckeye says:

      What’s up with all of the Wall-E haters? I remain completely on the Wall-E bandwagon.

      I did love the concept of falling in love with the same person everyday. It a good goal for everyone 🙂

  5. Veens says:

    I totally liked 50 first dates 🙂
    I really like Drew Barrymore 🙂

    2 movies i really really want to see – Sit Stay and Play Dad and Everybody’s fine!


    • stacybuckeye says:

      I like Drew Barrymore, but don’t have much patience for Adam Sandler. Well, except in their first movie together, The Wedding Singer. Loved that one.

  6. Jenners says:

    I like seeing your reviews in this format. I loved Wall-E … but I think it was too slow for kids. My son had a tough time getting through the opening!

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