Monday Movie Meme – Date Night

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This week’s movie topic is all about Date Night…Share on your blog your best or worst movie date, movies featuring movie dates or how you use movies for dates these days.
I’ve been on many a date night starting in high school, less through college, with a resurgence in my after college life.  As I think back it’s hard to come up with a best or worst movie date night,  most of them blur together. 
I can tell you what our movie dates look like these days.  Jason & I both love college basketball (Jason is more obsessive about his Spartans than I am about my Buckeyes) and March Madness is truly that here.  We print out the brackets and make our picks and we have done this since we were married over 11 years ago.  We make the same bet every year.  The winner gets to choose the next 5 theater movies we see.  Usually we take turns choosing so this is a big deal.  I am the reigning champ, having won for  2 years in a row 🙂  If I win I make sure I pick at least one that we both like, but after that it’s chick flick city.
So, I’ll be filling out my brackets today and if any of you have some insight on a good pick leave me a comment and let me know.  I have movies and pride on the line.
Go Bucks and Go Spartans! (The mean tournament people put us in the same bracket this year:()

15 thoughts on “Monday Movie Meme – Date Night

  1. Kay says:

    Ha, Stacy, as to picks for March Madness, I have no help for you. I live in the land of the Texas Longhorns who were #1 early in the season and then completely and utterly died. No one knows why. It’s a puzzle. Good luck with your picks!!

  2. Bumbles says:

    I told Andy about your bracket bet – I told him to pick the terms and prepare to bow to my awesomeness! It won’t be the right to pick movies since I coordinate our Netflix queue and am not relinquishing that power to him ;0)

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