War & Peace & Natasha

No picture this week, but I encourage you to hop on over the Molly’s post where she shares the state of her book and the notes she has taken in the book.  My cover isn’t as beat up, but it does look similar on the inside.  This is a book just begging to be marked up.

We finished Volume II this week and it was high in the drama department and it was all my Natasha’s fault, so I’ll start with her this week. 

Natasha is a messed-up, boy-crazy 16-year-old who I’ve liked until this week.  Natasha has ‘it’, you know, that spark that certain people have that draws everyone to them.  The men can’t get enough of her.  Boris, Prince Andrei, and Prince Anatole all proposed marriage to the girl and even Pierre admitted his tender feelings.  And as much as I hate to say it she treated them all poorly (except for Anatole, but who cares about that jerk?).  She doesn’t have a self-confidence problem, but she doesn’t seem to use her brain very often.  Maybe it’s the hormones and she’ll recover.  I hope she does because she’s going to run out of potential husbands soon.

Prince Andrei recovered from his deep depression and he became interested in military study going as far to submit his ideas to the top Russian decision makers.  Though they did not accept his ideas they did appointment him the head of the Legislative Commission.  He met Natasha and felt youth returning to him.  So much so that he proposed.  His father disapproved and Andrei decided to wait one year to marry.  During that time their engagement was to remain secret.  He went away to heal and when he came back a year later he found that Natasha had refused him.

Maria is a tough one to understand.  Her two loves are her religion and her family.  At one point she had decided to becomes a religious wanderer, without home or possessions, but luckily it has not happened.  She loves her brother Andrei very much and hates Natasha before they even meet.  She doesn’t like the woman who will take Andrei away.  When the two finally do meet the dislike is intense and mutual and she is happy when the engagement is called off.  Her father is still hateful to her and has told her to move out.  I think that would be the best thing for her.

Vaska Denisov was nowhere to be seen this week.  The only thing I learned was that Molly’s Prince Nikolai took over his regiment.  I hope he’s okay.

We’re at the halfway point.  Thanks so much for following along with us.  Now head on over to Molly’s post.  The pics of her book make it worth your time.

7 thoughts on “War & Peace & Natasha

  1. Janet says:

    Sounds like Natasha has some growing up to do. You did a great job of bringing your characters to life and exposing their personalities. Whew, halfway through!

  2. Bumbles says:

    I think Natasha and Maria are BOTH nuts. I wish their one meeting could have involved more dialogue. Andrei should run back off to war ASAP and be thankful they’re both far far away.

  3. Phyl says:

    I’m so impressed that you’re doing this! This is one Russian novel I haven’t read yet, though I’ve read a lot of them. I’m sure I’m just a coward. 🙂 But I’ll live vicariously through you!

  4. A says:

    Stacy! Found your site as I trolled the internets to track down information for my War & Peace course. My students (high school seniors) & I are in the middle of the book (to p. 849 tonight) and blogging along as we go (I noted the website above). Love to swap some notes with you, if you’re up for it. It’s an astonishing book, no? So much more joy (and sorrow and frustration and…) still to come…

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