Reading, Laughing, and Honoring

Dewey is a book blogger I’ve heard a lot about in the past year.  She’s the one who began the Read-a-Thon and less than a year ago she passed away.  I think the tremendous outpouring of love from the bloggers who knew her and the continued success of the Read-a-Thon are great tributes to Dewey.

I have finished my 4th book, The Funny Thing Is…by Ellen Degeneres.  Some chapters made me laugh out loud which has pepped me up a bit.  Not sure what I’ll be reading or listening to next.  Still need a few minutes to recover from the last second Michigan State loss.

Books completed-4

Pages read – 830

9 thoughts on “Reading, Laughing, and Honoring

  1. CeeCee says:

    You Go! I’m losing steam fast. After the readathon, I’m going to look for Dewey’s blog. Lots of people have great things to say. I’m sorry we lost her.

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