Monday Movie Meme – It’s all about love

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…we thought that instead we’d focus on the emotion of love, which is what drives a marriage after all. But most of us don’t get to experience the type of love and romance that is portrayed in the movies. If you could live any movie’s love story, which one would it be?

Before I give my answer I would like to wish the hosts of this wonderful meme, the Bumbles (Andy and Molly) a wonderfully romantic anniversary!

This is a tough one, to choose only ONE love story to live?  Let me list the parts of four that I would love to take part in.  Let’s start with the most cheesy movie on my list – Made in Heaven with Timothy Hutton and Kelly McGillis.  They were a couple who met in Heaven and then one had to leave.  Would the other leave Heaven, of all places, to follow her?  Of course!  That’s commitment.  Here’s the trailer of the film.  You may want some wine with the cheese.

And this moves right into my next one, Serendipity, with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale.  It’s all about listening to your heart and keeping your eyes open to the clues of the universe.  And never letting yourself settle for second best. 

And next I need a dose of reality with When Harry Met Sally starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal.  As much of a romantic as I am I very much hate being put on a pedestal.  I want my guy to see me as I really am and love me anyway.  And he should be my best friend.

Okay, enough reality, I also want devotion, so my last pick would be The Princess Bride with Cary Elwes and Robin Wright.  This man endured death for her and his answer to her requests or desires?  “As you wish.”  Sigh.

What do you think?  Am I asking too much of my husband?  What would your movie be?

What Book is That? Quiz

Answers to last week’s First Lines Quiz here.

Can you identify these books by their censored titles?  Leave a comment with the number, title and author.  If you get the correct answer first you will be entered to win a free book from me 🙂  Details here.

blog oct 09 1


2. Still Life by AS Byatt – Jackie

3. Summer in the City by Robyn Sisman – Strangelove

 4. Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner – Wrighty

5. I Do (But I Don’t) by Cara Lockwood – ‘Nise

blog oct 09 2

6. LORD JOHN & THE HAND OD DEVIL’S by Diana Gabaldon

7. THE SLEEPING DOLL by Jeffery Deaver

8.  The Husband by Dean Koontz – Wrighty

9.  Dear John by Nicholas Sparks – Thoughts of Joy

 10. WAR & PEACE by Leo Tolstoy