Favorite Book Giveaway

Click to viewI love lists.  Last year I decided to waste many hours compiling a 100 Favorite Books list.  This is certainly not a perfect list.  I rarely re-read books, so I relied on my memory.  Some are on the list because of the way they made me feel, some for the way they made me think, some for pure fun, and some for the way they shaped my childhood.  The list will forever be changing, but that’s part of the fun, right?

So, for my 11th and last birthday giveaway I will be choosing one winner on October 31st.  And what that winner wins is up to them.  The winner will choose any one book from my 100 Favorite Books list!!!  I’m pretty sure that everyone can find at least one book on that list that they want.  A few clarifications…I will choose the BRAND NEW edition you win and if there is a series of books listed you still only win one book, but which one is up to you.

To enter-

*Leave a comment with your email address on this post.

**If you would like an extra entry you can Tweet about it or add it on your blog.

***I will have 3 Monday quizzes before I pick a winner (QUIZ 1 – QUIZ 2).  For every question that you answer correctly first, you will earn one extra entry (so for 10 questions there are 10 extra entries up for grabs).

Open internationally.

I think that’s it.  Easy and fun.  I’m so glad to get to share one of my favorite books with you.  So, leave a comment and hope for a win 🙂

For a list of my 10 earlier winners, check here.

Birthday Winners!

I’ve had a great 38th birthday.  Diner breakfast, church, apple picking, dinner and shopping at Joseph-Beth Bookstore, and opening up my present from my hubby, a pair of Adidas tennis shoes that he designed himself!  I’m the only one on the planet with these shoes – how cool is that?  Anybody can do it through the Adidas website if you are looking for an extra special gift.  Mine even say Go Bucks!

Anyway, on to what you are all really looking for, WINNERS!  I’ll be sending all winners an email, but if you want to email me your snail mail address, please do.  stacybooks@yahoo.com  I chose all winners from drawing names out of a hat (Seriously.  My apple picking hat).  Thanks for entering and congratulations to the winners!

 Travel Writing by Peter Ferry – #11 madwoman-doing-cartwheels

Transparency by Frances Hwang – #5 Rebecca Cox

Mary Kay Eye Gel – #9 Margot

Fancy Pants by Susan Elizabeth Phillips – #8 CeeCee

Fortune Cookie Chronicles by Jennifer Lee – #2 Wordlily

Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman – #1 Carol

Heaven & Hell by Don Felder – #4 Heather

Bookmark Pens – #45 Trisha

The Red Siren by ML Tyndall – #2 Julie H.

Wifey by Judy Blume – #16 Rosa Maria

I promised you an 11th birthday giveaway.  When I get the post done.  I’ll link to it here.