Book Giveaway – The Fortune Cookie Chronicles: Adventures in the World of Chinese Food by Jennifer 8. Lee

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Today’s FREE book is a brand new trade paperback.  Published 2008, 293 pages.  Here’s the synopsis from B&N

If you think McDonald’s is the most ubiquitous restaurant experience in America, consider that there are more Chinese restaurants in America than McDonalds, Burger Kings, and Wendys combined. New York Times reporter and Chinese-American (or American-born Chinese). In her search, Jennifer 8 Lee traces the history of Chinese-American experience through the lens of the food. In a compelling blend of sociology and history, Jenny Lee exposes the indentured servitude Chinese restaurants expect from illegal immigrant chefs, investigates the relationship between Jews and Chinese food, and weaves a personal narrative about her own relationship with Chinese food. The Fortune Cookie Chronicles speaks to the immigrant experience as a whole, and the way it has shaped our country.

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Open internationally.  Winner will be picked on October 11th.

21 thoughts on “Book Giveaway – The Fortune Cookie Chronicles: Adventures in the World of Chinese Food by Jennifer 8. Lee

  1. Jafantunes says:

    Oh, you have no idea how good this one sounds!
    I mean, I keep books of Food Chronicles from so many countries, but not China, yet!
    o_rei_de_havana AT hotmail DOT com

  2. Susy says:

    The trouble with chinese cuisine outside of China is that it has been adapted to the ocidental taste.
    If you go to China, it seems a lot more unusual and unatractive!


  3. LFB88 says:

    Not a real fan of chinese food!
    I think I will like to read this to “beat it down”!
    Am I evil?


  4. Rocha 85 says:

    Well, I had a really bad experience with a chinese restaurant in Paris…
    I wonder what goes on in the kitchens…

    Best wishes!

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