Up & Down Quiz – ANSWERS

Maybe Level 2 was 2 hard 🙂

I love the Up & Down word game.  Try it if you haven’t already.  Since this is the first time I’m making it myself I’m going to keep it simple.  The answer for line 1 goes down to the first blank in line 2, and so on.  These are all 2 word book titles.

Quiet ______________


What’s the word that goes in both blanks?  American

Now on to level 1

Mystic ___River___

___River___ King   (Kathy was first 🙂 )

Too easy?  How ’bout level 2

Indian ___Killer____  (Hilarie)

____Killer___   ___Angels____


Let’s see who figures them out first.  Leave a comment with your answers.

8 thoughts on “Up & Down Quiz – ANSWERS

  1. bermudaonion says:

    I’m glad I got here early. I’m going to answer level 1 and leave the rest for others – it’s River. (I’m also leaving the others because I don’t know the answers, but that’s beside the point.)

    You are correct Kathy!

  2. Staci says:

    I want to say Pizza for level 1 and I’m stumped on the next one…as I hang my head in shame because you said you made them easy this time out!!

  3. Hilarie says:

    Wow Stacy, you have me stumped! I am thinking it is either Indian Killer or Indian Giver, but I have no idea about the next two titles.

    One of those is correct!

  4. MARIE BURTON says:

    Hi there StacyBuckEye(saying that with my John Wayne Accent that I don’t have)
    In regards to your question on the Teaser for The Burton Review today… “What happened to the nephews?”
    These nephews are actually real live people from about 1483. Their Dad, King Edward IV, died, and so their uncle Richard STOLE the crown from the eldest boy, and PROBABLY had the boys killed. BUT no one knows what happened to the boys. 500 years later, still no one knows.
    So that’s where Shakespeare’s horrible characterization of King Richard comes from.
    Though.. there are “RICARDIANS” who believe he had nothing to do with it.

  5. The old roomate says:

    Yeah, so in your game involving “2” word titles involving the “same” words, you use a 3 word title and different words.

    So . . .

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