Fave Film #71 – Rosemary’s Baby

Cover Image1968

Cast – Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes 

Director- Roman Polanski

Ruth Gordon won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

Rosemary and Guy move into a new building in New York City and decide to start a family.  Their eccentric neighbors befriend them and Guy’s career takes off.  When Rosemary gets pregnant the happy occasion is marred by the pain she is in.  There is something off about their neighbors and the conversations heard from their apartment. 

Why I love it-I would call this a psychological horror film.  The acting is so subtle that it is brilliant and for a horror film that is a rare treat.  The innocence and vulnerability of Rosemary and the undoing of Guy are perfect.  And I love that behind the friendly facades of neighbors, Roman and Minnie, lurk secrets best kept. 

I am surprised at how well this movie has aged.  It’s over 40 years later and it is still haunting.  Those dream sequences were just plain creepy without being too over the top.  I am not a horror fan.  Most horror movies are just so ridiculous that they are not scary at all.  Not so with this one.  I was very scared for Rosemary.

So what is the deal with Rosemary’s baby?  It is still such a part of pop culture that it really is a must see.  In the past week since I watched this again I’ve heard it mentioned on two television shows.

A young Charles Grodin also makes an appearance.  I couldn’t find a clip from the movie that wasn’t way too long, so this is a clip of Ruth Gordon accepting her Oscar.  They do play the creepy movie music.