My Friendly trip to the DC area

I am blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life.  I miss the ones who move away and miss the ones I left.  I was excited to travel back to the DC area to spend time with old friends.  I got to see family…

patti june 09

I also spent time with a friend I’ve had since the 2nd grade, but hadn’t seen in ten years!

britt june 09

And then friends I made after college when I moved to Arlingon, Virginia.  We worked at B.Dalton together.

 kate june 09 - 2carrie june 09

 I was also able to spend some time with Mark, a college friend and Arlington roommate!  So, my trip was great.  I loved seeing everyone’s expanded family.  And I discovered that 3 year olds are a lot of fun.  (although the second little guy doesn’t turn 3 til next month!)  My friends make great Moms 🙂

I’m not sure it’s completely accurate to call it a DC trip since they moved out in all directions!  I went to Falls Church, Occaquan, Takoma Park, and even down south a ways to Beaverdam.  I was happy to visit Mark at work because it meant I spent some time on the Mall!  Happy I made the trip and happy to be home 🙂

Everything Austen Challenge

everythingausten1I’ve decided to join my fourth reading challenge this year (and, no, I have not finished my first three – yet)  I have never read an Austen novel, which I find embarrassing, so this challenge will help me get busy.  Here are my 6 goals to finish in the next 6 months…

1. Listen to Sense & Sensibility on cd (started today!)

2. Watch a Sense & Sensibilty movie

3. Read Pride & Prejudice

4. Read or listen to Mansfield Park (loved the movie!)

5. Read the Jane Austen Book Club

6. Watch one movie based on her books.  I’ll have to look around to decide which one.

I’m really looking forward to this.  Why not join me if you haven’t already?  Visit Stephanie’s Written Word to sign up.