Fave Film #10 – When Harry Met Sally

Cover Image1989

Cast – Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan, Carrie Fisher, Bruno Kirby

Directed by Rob Reiner

Can a man and woman ever truly be friends or will the sex thing always get in the way?  When recent college graduates drive from Chicago to New York together they despise each other.  When they meet a few years later they are both in happy relationships.  Fast forward a few more years and they run into each other again, both in need of a friend.  They become close and appreciate the friendship and avoid ruining it with sex, mostly.

Why I love it- I thought Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan had such great chemistry and the dialogue was spot on, only more funny.  I liked seeing them get over their initial judgements of each other and see each other as friends.  And it really did make me laugh out loud.  A lot.  The days of the week underpants, Surry with a Fringe on top, and the wagon wheel coffee table are a few that come to mind.

My husband watched it with me last night and he said that it remindind him of a long Seinfeld episode.  Since we both love Seinfeld, this is a good thing.  I hadn’t really thought of the movie like that before…witty New York singles involved in trivial day to day life.  But the comparison is one I like.

Oh, and the sweet old couples telling their stories between scences?  Actors!  I loved thinking of them as older married couples.

And for the record, I do think men and women can be friends.  I had a best friend in college and after who I loved dearly (still do) and somehow we managed not to let sex get in the way 🙂 

This is not my favorite clip from the movie, but it is the most recognizable.  So, if people are around you may want to turn down the volume a little.

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