Up & Down Quiz – ANSWERS

Maybe Level 2 was 2 hard 🙂

I love the Up & Down word game.  Try it if you haven’t already.  Since this is the first time I’m making it myself I’m going to keep it simple.  The answer for line 1 goes down to the first blank in line 2, and so on.  These are all 2 word book titles.

Quiet ______________


What’s the word that goes in both blanks?  American

Now on to level 1

Mystic ___River___

___River___ King   (Kathy was first 🙂 )

Too easy?  How ’bout level 2

Indian ___Killer____  (Hilarie)

____Killer___   ___Angels____


Let’s see who figures them out first.  Leave a comment with your answers.