The 8th Confession, by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

The 8th Confession (Women's Murder Club Series #8) by Patterson Patterson: Book CoverFinished 7-8-09, rating 3/5, fiction, pub. 2009

Book 8 in the Women’s Murder Club series

“Cindy, you can’t work a homicide, okay?  Rich, tell her.”

“I don’t need your permission at all,” Cindy said.  Then, eyes brightening, “Here’s an idea.  Let’s go to Susie’s and map out a plan we can all live with-“

I rolled my eyes, but Conklin was shaking his head and grinning at Cindy.  He liked her!

Chapter 48

 The four ladies of San Francisco are back in a new novel and there are a whole lotta murderers running around town.  Lindsay and her partner Conklin are trying to make headway in the numerous cases involving very wealthy victims with  no known cause of death.  Claire is stumped and demands more police work.  Cindy is on the trail Bagman Jesus.  He’s a homeless man who was murdered and no one seems to care.  She also demands more police work, but finds she must do the heavy lifting herself.  Yuki is back in court trying to win her first case and she finds a love connection with a doctor who sees her at her worst.  She doesn’t demand more police work.

Once again Lindsay is waffling over Joe’s marriage proposal.  He is out of the country for a month and Lindsay is tempting fate and encouraging the sparks to ignite with Conklin.  Conklin, while still in love with Lindsay, is still a man and keeping his options open.  Cindy would like to be one of those options.

Another fast, easy read that is enjoyable, but not memorable.  Actually this one had so many storylines that it barely focused on any.  These books are great if you don’t want to read anything heavy or too time consuming.  It doesn’t come much lighter than this.  Great for summer vacations.