Half Year Round Up

Obviously, I missed the exact 6 month mark, but close enough for me!  I’ve enjoyed seeing other recaps for the year so far and thought I’d take stock of where I am.

Books read – 68    Goal for the year – 130 – This goal is definitely doable, but I’m wishing I hadn’t set my goal so high!

Books I’ve added to my Top 100 list so far this yearThe Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, Watchers by Dean Koontz, The Time Machine by HG Wells, Joy School by Elizabeth Berg, The Pigman by Paul Zindel, The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom, Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts, Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil by John Berendt.

Challenge Progress-


Read Your Own Books challenge – My goal is 50 and I’ve read 40 so far.  I’m feeling pretty good about this one!

A-Z Challenge – I chose the difficult path of reading a title AND and author for each letter of the alphabet.  That is 52 total.  At the moment I am 9 short, but the 2 books I’m currently reading will count for this which will get me down to 7.  Shouldn’t be a problem.

Southern Reading challenge – 3 books in 3 months.  I’ve finished 2 and have to read the last one by August 15th.  Not worried.









everythingausten1Everything Austen challenge – 6 books or movies before Jan 1st.  I’m currently listening to my first one in the car.  Still have plenty of time.

New things on my blog this year

My 9 in ’09 author interviews.  I’ve done 10 so far and have enjoyed the authors who have participated. I still have not gotten a male author to say yes!  I’m working on that.

Quizzes on Mondays.  Sometimes I make them too hard, but I love when you guess anyway!  My censored covers seems to be the most popular.  Maybe you’ll see it again on Monday 🙂

My favorite movie reviews.  This is relatively new.  I came up with my favorite 100 movie list and started writing mini-reviews of these movies.  I’ve only done 3 so far, but look forward to more.

And finally, the post that generated my favorite comments –I loved the responses to my Book Problem Year 2  post.  Everyone refused to believe my piles had gotten smaller!

And thanks for helping me clear my shelves. So far this year I’ve sent readers 28 books from my shelves.  I always post these on the 1st or 2nd  of each month.

10 thoughts on “Half Year Round Up

  1. gautami tripathy says:

    I have read 5 books for the Southern Reading Challenge!


    I better start Shantaram soon. The tome scares me off.

    The Southern Reading Challenge has made me realize that I am not drawn to southern lit when shoosing books. Not sure why since I like the ones I read.

    My husband bought me Shantaram, insisting that I read it. It took me 5 months to prepare myself for the length of it.

  2. Hilarie says:

    I thought I’d weigh in and tell you how much I’m enjoying your movie reviews in addition to hearing about books. I must say, you have had an amazing year so far!

    Thank you, Hilarie! I love movies and I’m glad that someone likes to hear me talk about my favorites.

  3. Staci says:

    You’re doing great so far on your challenges especially Read Your Own…I need to do better on that one for sure!!

    I’m finally down to the single digits and I really want to finish it!

  4. Bonnie says:

    Awesome progress on your goals!! 68 books read so far is a great accomplishment!!

    Thanks! 68 is great, but it tires me to think that I have to keep up this pace to reach my goal!

  5. Bumbles says:

    Such fun I have when I visit you. I always seem to be late to the quiz party by the time I get to your post in my reader though. That’s my goal in ’09 – master Stacy’s quiz just once!

  6. Margot says:

    It’s nice to see what you’ve been doing the past six months in this format. I swear I’ve read all your reviews but 68 surprised me. Good for you. I’m with Molly/Bumbles. I always seem to be late to the quiz party too. The really hard ones are left by the time I get here. But I do love your blot and this post proves why.

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