Weekends with Gage – a family friend goes off to college

When you live somewhere away from your extended family it is necessary and difficult to find babysitting help.  We were lucky that two sisters lived a few doors down from us when Gage was born.  The older sister left for college last year, and the younger one has been with us for over two years, these past seven months being times of change and stress around here.  She always showed up with a smile and allowed Jason and I to have a dinner date every week and worked with Gage to teach him all the things little boys need to know.  We will all miss her, she’s been a fixture around here and I’m not sure which one of us will miss her most.  She’s off to join her sister in Dayton and I’m sure she’ll have the time of her life.  As for me, I may have shed a tear or two.

with Gage in December 2011

with Gage in February 2012

brookeand her last day on Friday.

15 thoughts on “Weekends with Gage – a family friend goes off to college

  1. pinkim95 says:

    Aw…I feel for all of you…she and “Gage” should keep in touch…it would be fun and he would learn all kinds of things about wrapping and putting care packages together and friends etc:) Even going to college:)

  2. sandynawrot says:

    Totally understand that, since we have no family that lives near us most of the year. Good babysitters are very hard to find, and you almost get territorial about them. We would never tell anyone who ours was for fear they would steal her away! Luckily ours was a teacher’s assistant at the school and she was an adult so she stuck around. I’ll cross my fingers that you find another one soon.

  3. Literary Feline says:

    I wish her and her sister all the best! I know it will be hard for you and Gage though. Hopefully you will find someone new soon.

  4. Wrighty says:

    I love these photos! They look very happy together. 🙂

    A good sitter is part of your family and they have a huge responsibility. It’s so hard when they move on. I grew very attached to the girls that watched my kids too. Best wishes to her and I hope you find someone else you can trust as much as these two sisters. I bet they are lined up at your door just waiting for a chance to play with cute little Gage!!

  5. Tara says:

    I’m just slightly jealous that you have had such a great sitter! We are only an hour away from our families, but it’s just far enough that no one wants to come down and sit with Garrett while we have a date night. And unfortunately we had no luck finding a sitter here either…

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