Look, no quiz!

Yes, It’s Tuesday and I didn’t put up a quiz.  This week is a little nutty.  Orientation for one school was tonight, assessment for private swim lessons, meeting with the school district, and paperwork to be filled out for another school (my third set this week already)…I’m sure there’s more that’s slipping my mind right now.  Some of you may ask, and rightly so, isn’t Gage only 2?  Yes, yes, yes (sigh), I know. Too complicated to get into here, but he is so excited for school and I’ve been working all summer to find the best fit for him and I think we have at least half of it.  Anywho, look for a new quiz next week and don’t forget to check out the answers to last week’s best paid author quiz here.  I had fun seeing how you guys interpreted my one word hints 🙂

Oh yeah, and look at the booboo we got at the splash park on Saturday…never a dull moment.