Weekends with Gage- the train obsession

train 1Gage has always loved trains but these past few weeks he can talk of little else. It’s his favorite thing at the library so I can usually peruse the picture books and watch him at the same time, knowing he is unlikely to stray from the tracks. So, we have a rotating train book collection. These three are our current train reading material.

We’ve had The Little Engine That Could for months.  Our library lets you renew things as long as no one else has requested it.  It was his first introduction to the train funnel.  This morning when  my mom went to wake him up he opened his eyes, looked over at her, and said ‘funnel’.  Yea, kid’s got trains on the brain.

My Little Train is a nighttime favorite for Gage.  Even though I have and do read it to him, he considers this Daddy’s book.  It’s cute.

I just picked up Freight Train last week and Grandma has already had to read it, oh maybe a few dozen times since she arrived on Thursday.

Today, I’ll be making another trip to the library to find some replacement train books.  Any good recommendations out there?

One more way we keep the addict addicted is to take him to the kiddie park every two weeks where he gets to choose from a half dozen rides, but his favorites remain the two train ones.  All aboard the crazy train! These pics are from last night.

train 3train 2