Sweetheart by Chelsea Cain

Sweetheart (Sheridan and Lowell Series #2)Sweetheart. Finished August 11,2013, rating 2.5/5, thriller,

Book 2 of the Archie Sheridan/Gretchen Lowell series (Book 1)

Oh, Archie. what a waste you’ve become.  You have good friends, a great family and a detective job that you are great at and you can only obsess about the one mistake you made.  Obsess and throw love back in the face of those who love you.  Your wife accepted that it would take time to heal, but she was there because she loved you.  Your kids are at that young age when having their dad around is so important.  Your best friend Henry who looks out for you and your family because you can’t or won’t do it yourself.  Susan,  who has a crush on you but is also a fan and friend, sees you at your worst and still accepts you.  These are all things that count.

Gretchen, serial killer/your abductor and tormentor, is difficult to accept.  You respect her and are hot for her, but it’s hard to see why.  She seems to get men to do exactly what she wants even locked up in a maximum security prison, especially you.  When you revealed your secret I understood your thing for Gretchen better, but after that your behavior ruined your story for me.  Might you redeem yourself in the next book?  I don’t know but I’m probably not going to find out and that’s a shame because I really liked your first story, the one where you were a real person.

You should thank your skilled storyteller, Chelsea, it’s her skilled writing that made your story readable.

This was from my personal library.