C is for Cary Grant

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I love Cary Grant.  No, really love him.  I’m sure that when you looked at my stack of unread books yesterday that you noticed this one. (yes, that’s it, bottom stacks, row 10, 2nd from the bottom ;))

Complete Films of Cary Grant

A few fun facts about the suave Archibald Leach…He was born in Bristol, England in 1904.  When we was 12 his mother suffered a severe nervous breakdown and went to live in a nursing home. He ran away at 13 and joined Bob Pender’s Troupe, but his father found him and brought him home.  A year and half later he rejoined the troupe (with his father’s blessing) and travelled around England before the troupe headed to New York City in 1920. He worked as a stilt walker at Coney Island and as an audience plant with a mind-reading act before working on Broadway.  He appeared in a 10 minute short film as one of four sailors and the rest is history.  He headed to Hollywood, changed his name (thank you, Archie!), and completed seven films that first year.  He became a US citizen in 1942.  Married five times, divorced four and the father of one child.  He died in 1986 at the age of 82 of a stroke.

This is a great book for fans.  Lots of pictures and behind the scenes stories.  Here’s one from his very first short film

002And one of the many pages of photos from film shoots and his personal life 004

This book is about his life and his films.  All 72 of them.  I’ve watched 17  and have decided to go on a Cary Grant Binge and see how long it takes me to see them all.  I’m thinking of a monthly post and I welcome anyone who wants to join in.  I can make it official with  Mr. Linky and everything if you want to join me.  And no, I don’t mean you have to watch all of his movies, but you want to watch his movies and post about them, let me know.  I may try to work my way through them in order but it will really depend on what I can get my hands on first.  His first movie was This is the Night (1932).  Here’s the list of his movies if you want to see how many you’ve watched.

I know a few of you read Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe and I loved the Cary Grant story!  I wouldn’t have complained about watching movies in bed with Cary 🙂

My favorite Cary Grant film is The Philadelphia Story (1940) but I pretty much love him in anything.  Do you have a favorite Cary movie?

29 thoughts on “C is for Cary Grant

  1. barbaravb says:

    My favorite Cary Grant movie, actually my all-time favorite movie in general es Notorius, by Alfred Hitchcock. And CG is soooo handsome, and so mean! I love him!

  2. Beth Hoffman says:

    I have loved Cary Grant my entire life, too! My favorite move of his is Arsenic and Old Lace. I think I’ve seen it at least 8 times!

  3. hmsgofita says:

    I really liked North by Northwest and Arsenic and Old Lace. I’m kind of bummed, though, that he changed his name. My own devoted husband is an Archie 😉 I’d love to catch up on some more Cary Grant movies, so count me in on watching some!!! Great idea!

    • stacybuckeye says:

      I’ll be setting up something for Cary Grant viewing at the end of the month, stay tuned! As for changing his name, it’s not so much the Archie as the the Leach. Archie is a perfectly adorable name 🙂

  4. boardinginmyforties says:

    I LOVE him too! I just recently watched North by Northwest again. Grant is so good in that film!

  5. Jer says:

    One of my role models. When I think of him and then think of the way most men dress and act and groom themselves (or don’t) these days, I wonder what the heck happened. Can you imagine him wearing flip-flops and a basketball jersey? My own father, men like Cary Grant, and The Art Of Manliness (artofmanliness.com) are inspirations to me. Great movies, too.

  6. kelley says:

    I like him too. I watched “Charades” this week–starring Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. It was pretty good. My favorite is Arsenic and old lace.

  7. Louise says:

    Oh I love Cary Grant. All time favourite movie star – so handsome and classy. Can’t actually pick a favourite film – maybe The Philadelphia Story, but have a soft spot for both Father Goose and Operation Petticoat.

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