Night-Night with Gage

Gage loves his books.  He has an extensive library (his dad has sadly accepted that our house will always be overrun with books) and spends a lot of his day looking through his favorites.  Our one ritual is a night-night book.  It’s the last thing we do before going to bed and the book must end in the chance for Gage to say night-night.  Here are the three usual suspects…

The Bed Book by Harriet Ziefert was sent to us in a box of books from the most awesome Jill of Rhapsody in Books.  The illustrations are completely dated and I wasn’t too impressed with it.  At least at first.  Gage loves this one.  He can recognize and name most of what he finds in the pictures.  I actually think this will be a great one to teach him to read since there are simple words often repeated.

Gage’s absolute favorite was sent to him from the lovely Kathy of BermudaOnion’s Weblog when he was born.  Baby Baby Baby by Marilyn Janovitz has repetition that asks for action, “Bitsy bouncy baby On a bumpity lap Mommy’s little baby likes to CLAP CLAP CLAP!” It’s long and there’s lots to do.  When it’s time to Dance, Dance, Dance, he’s loves to laugh at mama dancing her silly head off.  Our copy is very well-worn from use.






And the last book is The Big Sleep Book by Guido Van Genechten that I picked up at a library sale.  This one has great illustrations and lots of animals.  Gage likes to tell the rhino laying on his back to get “UP!”  He gets a little bored in the middle but he still loves it.

So, is there a good night-night book that you’d recommend?  (we had Goodnight Moon, but haven’t seen it in months?!)  And aren’t generous bloggers awesome?

9 thoughts on “Night-Night with Gage

  1. rhapsodyinbooks says:

    Isn’t it funny how kids love the ones that drive us crazy and hate the artistic beautiful ones or whatever? When my niece was Gage’s age she LOVED a book on My Trip to the Dentist or something, and I thought it was the most awful, boring, stupid book in the universe, at least after the twentieth reading…

  2. bermudaonion(Kathy) says:

    It is funny how kids connect to certain books,isn’t it? My mom had a board book of The Little Engine that Could for Vance when he was small. Every time she’d read a certain page, he’d slap his hand down on the book and holler “No!” My mom hasn’t been able to get rid of the book because he loved it so much. I love the picture of Jason and Gage reading together – they both look so engaged in the book.

  3. Jenners says:

    Awww…bloggers (especially those two you mentioned) are generous and awesome aren’t they? I guess Rhapsody Jill knows what babies like!!! My son was in love with Pat the Bunny and actually ended up destroying the book from so much use. We also read The Little Caterpillar and Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin and Eric Carle over and over over.

  4. caspette says:

    We dont have a specific night time book here but those books sound adorable. At the moment Tiddler the story telling fish is popular but that probably has more to do with the aquatic creatures in it then the story its self.

  5. Literary Feline says:

    Mouse has her favorites, that’s for sure. She still doesn’t like to sit through books for very long, even at bed time. Often times she’ll sit for the beginning and then want down so she can climb on something. LOL

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