I’m creeping along the IT-along

So, I signed up for the IT-along because Jill tempted me with all of her fun clown posts and I happened to have a copy waiting on my shelves.  I do not have time to read such a long book (1090 pages in my paperback edition) but I was feeling the clown love, what can I say?

I did not make it halfway.  The goal was to be done reading 608 pages and I have read 408.  The main reason is that every time I start reading I feel like taking a nap.   I’m not sure what this means yet.  Either I need more sleep (probably) OR King needs an editor (maybe).

A few thoughts/questions-

Did parents really give their kids so much freedom in the 50’s?  I’m guessing that they did and it makes me a little sad that all of our kids now come equipped with gps in the way of cell phones.  Our neighbor’s ten-year old son was the last kid in his class to get a cell phone.  Makes me feel old!  The kids in this book have aware parents (especially love Mike’s dad) but the kids run free.

I have never known anyone named Richie or Eddie and after 400 pages I’m pretty sure I’m still confusing the two and somehow melding them into one chauffeur loving DJ.  There just may be one or two (or 20) extra characters.

I don’t dislike birds, but yesterday soon after I read about Mike’s encounter with that bird-beast, I brought Gage back from a walk and there was a bird flying around our garage, trying to get out.  I don’t know who was more upset, me or the confused bird.

My favorite character is Ben.

I’m liking IT so far and am pretty sure I’ll be able to catch up and finish by next month.  I’m still working on an IT quiz but it’s proving to be quite a challenge.

So, have you read IT?