Sundays with Gage- Parents Night Out

This weekend my parents came and stayed with Gage while Jason and I snuck away for a night.  We didn’t go very far, but we had a free hotel stay and a night out planned.  I made a check on my bucket list.  We attended a local theater’s yearly fundraiser, Murder  by the Falls.  Let me tell you how fun it was.  It started with drinks and appetizers, we then went into the theater for Act 1 (surprise, surprise someone got murdered).  They then sent us out into the streets to find clues.  There were four clues in storefronts (we found them all) and there were four actors around the village that were available for questioning, but you had to figure out who they were.  We then met at town hall, grabbed some dessert and found our table with six other ‘detectives’.  We all had to come up with one answer and our team did pretty well even if we didn’t win.  We knew the who and the how, but missed most of the why.  The village is a popular place on the weekends and we had more than one person ask us what was going on since there were several hundred ‘detective’ combing the streeets.

The play.

Offering clues on the street.

Aha!  I think I have it! (Otherwise known as the goofiest picture I’ve taken in awhile so I had to add it)

It was a fun night and we can’t wait to put on our detective badges again next year.  Since this is supposed to be about Gage, here’s how he felt about us leaving for the night.  He’s a cool kid 🙂