Thrill Ride Questionnaire (Blog Hop)

Thrill Week, September 1-8

Marce is hosting Thrill Week for the second year and I’m thrilled.  Last year I found out about new authors and series and blogs.  I’m expecting more of the same this time around.

Thrill Ride Questionnaire (all responses relating to genres: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense)

1) Introduce yourself

I’m a stay-at-home-mom to a toddler.  I wish I had more time to read.  I live in Cleveland, Ohio with my husband and son.  Oh, I’ll be attending Bouchercon 2012 in October.  If any of you other mystery lovers are attending, I’d love to meet you.

I’ve been blogging for 4 1/2 years and my reading choices are eclectic, but I always find myself going back to the mystery/suspense genres.  With the birth of my son almost 2 years ago the blog’s focus expanded.  I now blog about books, movies, and my son.  I also have a weekly bookish quiz on Tuesdays for fun and prizes.  Stop by this Tuesday, I’m working on something worthy of Thrill Week.

2) What has been your top 3 reads this year? Link your reviews

In just the thrill genres I’d choose the whole Tattoo Shop series by Karen Olson (there are 4), Without Fail by Lee Child (#6 of the Jack Reacher series), Buried Prey by John Sandford (#21 of the Lucas Davenport series).

3) What are you currently reading during Thrill Week?

 I’m reading IT by Stephen King for the IT-along & listening to Stolen Prey by John Sandford, the latest in the series.

4) Do you have an all time favourite cover in the genres above?

Nothing is coming to mind, but if I think of one, I’ll add it.

5) What debut author(s) or new to you author(s) have you read within the last 12 months that have impressed you?

Karen Olson (Tattoo Shop series), Robert Pobi (Bloodman), Daniel Palmer (Delirious), Chevy Stevens (Still Missing)

6) Favourite trilogy or series you recommend to others to read in the genres above?

Harlan Coben’s Myron series has only gotten better, John Verdon’s Dave Gurney series, Jeffery Deaver’s Lincoln Rhyme series, Les Roberts’s Myron Jacovich series is a local and personal favorite

7) What popular author(s) have you NOT read but is on your Wishlist?

Mark Billingham, Marcia Clark,  Harry Dolan, Nicci French,  the list goes on an on.

8) Other than blogs, share with us what other tools you use or subscribe to in order to keep up with the latest news on authors, new releases, book tours, etc?

Barnes & Noble, Shelf Awareness, Goodreads.  Mostly it’s blogs, though.

9) What current book is hyped among the blogosphere that you want to read or are not interested in? Why or why not or link your review if you have read it. 

I really need to get my hands on Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  I don’t know how it can possibly live up to the hype, but I MUST read it.

10) What is most important in these genres to you? Plot, characters, location, dialogue, red herrings, narrator or what mix of them? 

I like a fast plot with great dialogue (Harlan Coben) but I also like a slower mysteries as long the characters are compelling.  And I love to be shocked 🙂

11) Recommend a book made into movie you thought both were good?

I thought A Simple Plan by Scott Smith was an excellent read and the 1998 movie with Billy Bob Thornton, Bill Paxton and Bridget Fonda was great too.

12) Recommend a book you would like to discuss with others and possibly the author?

 I liked Bloodman by Robert Pobi and have to think he would be fun to talk to.

Thanks for stopping by if this is your first time.  I’m looking forward to finding some great blogs this week!