Sundays with Gage- a tough decision

Max is nine years old.  We rescued him from a shelter when he was somewhere around one.  He is a terrier mix with lots of energy.  He has been a great dog and we love him very much.  Unfortunately, when two high-strung characters live in the same house sometimes it’s just too much insanity.  In March I wrote about some of the problems Max was having with a running Gage and I tried my best to keep them relatively separated unless I was right there.  A few weeks ago I was right there when Gage decided to fall onto a resting Max.  Max jumped up and growled and bared his teeth in Gage’s face for what seemed like forever.  I yelled, Gage cried, and Max was confused.  It was later that I would cry as I saw the need to try a separation.

Max loves Gage, but he has his limits.  Gage will be two next month and doesn’t understand limits.  So, I asked my parents if they would be foster parents for Max until spring and they said yes.  Knowing that Max will be spoiled and loved is a big consolation, but the bigger one is knowing that I can change my mind anytime.  My parents visit often and now Max will be visiting with them and we’ll see how it goes.

This was last Sunday before Max left.  They can be friends and I want Max back home as soon as possible, but that being said, not having the constant stress this week has been nice.

The house feels empty without Max and I miss him, but it was the best decision for right now even if it was a hard one.